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Mutant 59

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Q: What was the name of the science fiction book about a plastic eating bacteria?
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How do scientists produce oil-eating bacteria?

How do scientists produce oil-eating bacteria? By inducing mutations in bacteria

Is flesh eating a bacteria or viruses?


What is oil eating bacteria?

bacteria that eats oil

Fiction and non-fiction definition?

Fiction is literature that does not represent actuality but has been invented or imagined. Fiction is not necessarily based on facts. Common examples of fiction include fantasy novels, comics, and science-fiction. Non-fiction is literature that is based on facts and has not been invented or changed in anyway. Example of non-fiction literature includes a magazine article on the eating habits polar bears or the biography of George Washington.

Can you get data related with death of animals because of eating plastic?

type in on Google "animals eating plastic", and see what you get!!!!

How do organisms decay?

Bacteria eating it

How did scientists produce oil eating bacteria?

Inducing mutations in bacteria

What is a bacteria organism that eats dead organism?

A bacteria-eating organism.

What is a bacteria organism that eats dead organisms?

A bacteria-eating organism.

Can bacteria eat plastic?

There are bacteria that do consume plastics (see the related link below). However, there are so many different types of plastics, and such limited locations of these bacteria, that the vast majority of plastic wastes are still a huge problem for the environment. On the other hand, do you really want to watch the many plastic objects you use every day (e.g. drink tumblers, car tires, eye glasses, combs, housings for electronic equipment) rotting into a smelly mess of goo, while you are still using them? We don't want bacteria to get too good at eating plastic.

Do rabbits die from eating from eating plastic?

yes they can, it can be very harmful.

How do turtles get effected by plastic just by eating it?

Turtles get affected by plastic just by eating it because it goes through their digestive system.

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