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she wants the best for Juliet

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Q: Why does the nurse in Romeo and Juliet agree to help Juliet marry Romeo?
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Why does the nurse agree to help Juliet marry romeo?

She believes in their love and wants the best for Juliet

In Romeo and Juliet describe the interview between Juliet's nurse and Romeo?

the interview was very straight forward. romeo told Juliet's nurse that he wants to marry Juliet and he told he that if Juliet really loved him she would agree to it.

What does Juliet's nurse agree to help her do in act two?

Help her escape to marry Romeo :D

What does romeo what the nurse to tell Juliet?

he wants to be married to her and that he loves her

What does the nurse abvise Juliet to do after romeo is exiled?

The nurse advises Juliet to forget Romeo and marry Paris.

What does the nurse advise Juliet to do after Romeo is exiled?

She tells her to forget about Romeo and marry Paris like her parents want her to. After that, Juliet pretends to agree but feels betrayed

What message did romeo give the nurse for Juliet?

that he will marry Juliet

What does the nurse tell Juliet to do after Romeo is exiled?

Once Romeo is exiled, Nurse tells Juliet to forget about Romeo and marry Paris.

Why does Nurse help Romeo and Juliet carry out their plan to get married?

Nurse helped Romeo and Juliet because she loves Juliet. Juliet didn't want to marry Paris and Nurse stood by her (at first). Nurse was the one who raised Juliet and she cares about her. Juliet is hurt when Nurse betrays her by advising her to marry Paris after Romeo was banished.

Why does juliet send the nurse to romeo the following day?

Juliet told Romeo that if he was serious and wanted to marry her, he should send word to her by a messenger which she would procure to send to him to see whether he will agree to marry her or not, and if so, where and when. That messenger was the nurse. Juliet was only allowed to leave her house to go to church.

When Juliet turns to her nurse for help what response does she get?

The Nurse advises Juliet to forget Romeo and marry Paris.

What instructions does Romeo give to the nurse?

Romeo told the nurse that he loves juliet,and will marry her at 1 in the afternoon.

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