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Instead saying friction we can use the term 'grip'

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Q: Does grooves in tires increase friction?
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Why tires have grooves on their surface?

To increase friction

Why do soles of shoes have grooves?

to increase friction

Why do some car parks have grooves on concrete grounds?

Because the grooves increase yhe friction

Why do new automobile tires have deep grooves?

It is because there must be a friction between the tyres of an automobile and the is for the same reason that special kinds of grooves are made in tyres so that they offer the required amount of friction.

Methods to increase friction?

by increasing the grooves on the surface of the body by making the surface of the body rough

What are found on tires of vehicles to increase friction?

Cuts, curves and gaps.

Why do we need rough on tires?

we need rough tyres to increase friction

How does tire tread increase friction between tire and road?

tires are made of rubber and rubber can cause friction

What can you do to increase friction between the tires and a race track?

The track and tires are both sprayed with a special solvent compound.

Why increase friction?

You would increase friction so that you wouldn't slip, by using the brakes on your car of bike you increase friction to stop yourself. Hikers increase friction between their feet and the ground by wearing hiking shoes that grip the ground better. Tires on cars that create more friction make the car go faster, because instead of sliding, the tires grip the ground and push off.

How could you increase friction of car tires on an icy road?

you could place salt on the icy areas to increase friction because the ice would began to melt.

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