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Observations are used to form a hypothesis. This is due to the fact that watching something over a period of time leads to theories about the way the thing behaves. These theories are called hypotheses.

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Q: Explain how observations are used to form hypothesis?
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Does multiple hypothesis of an experiment ensure valid results?

no prior knowledge, new information, and previous observations are used to form and hypothesis

Is a theory a summary of many experimental results and observations?

No. Observations come first, followed by a hypothesis as to what might be happening. This is then developed into a theory which purports to explain the observations, supporting or rebutting the original hypothesis. Experiments are then used to validate the theory into the realm of fact.

Which of the following is used when developing a hypothesis?

Both observations and inductive reasoning

An organized process used to gather observations and test a hypothesis is?

That would be an experiment.

What is an organized process used to gather observations and test a hypothesis?

This is called an experiment.

Explain the role of a hypothesis in a scientific investigation?

Hypothesis states how the independent variable affects the dependant variable.A hypothesis is a testable proposition used to explain scientific phenomena.

How is an observation used to form a hypothesis?

An observation are used to form hypothesis by forming a question of which the observation and then answering it accurately.

What is used by scientists when they make observations?

A hypothesis A Prediction A Theory They're all the same really

How are scientific ideas used?

In the form of a hypothesis

What was the hypothesis of spontaneous generation was used to explain?

How new life started.

What is a system of interrelated ideas used to explain a set of observations called?


An organized process used to gather observations and test a hypothesis is a?

An organized process for gathering observations is the scientific method. The scientific method consists of steps that help researchers get accurate information about research.

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