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Liquid is more dense than air. This causes it to support more weight and require less effort to lift.

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Q: Explain the apparent loss of weight suffered by an object when immersed in a liquid?
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Is a liquid immersed transformer the same as oil immersed transformer?

Liquid immersed transformers are typically immersed in what?

What does the Archimedes principles state?

When an object is immersed in a liquid, the liquid exerts a buoyant force on the object which is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by the object. This statement is known as Archimedes' Principle. When a solid body is immersed wholly or partially in a liquid, then there is same apparent loss in its weight. This loss in weight is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by the body. the bouyant force of an object equal to the weight of the fluid that the object displaced .

What is immersed corrosion?

Immersed Corrosion refers to a type of metal corrosion when the metal is immersed in a liquid.

The displacement method for measuring volume?

The displacement method is a method for measuring the volume of a solid. The solid is immersed in liquid and the level of the liquid before it is immersed is subtracted from the level of the liquid after it is immersed to get the volume of the solid.

What is the Buoyancy calculation?

buoyant force can be expressed as: F(b) = W(air) - W(liquid) = d * g * v where d is the density of the liquid, g is the acceleration of gravity and v is the volume of the immersed object (or the immersed part of the body if it floats). In this experiment the pan balances will compare masses in grams rather than weights. Since W=mg, the apparent change in mass when submerged is m - m(apparent) = d(liquid) * v

What is apparent weight?

Apparent weight of an object is the weight of an object when the object is partially or totally immersed in a fluid{liquid/gas} normally apparent weight of an object is less than the real weight of an object due to an upward force {upthrust} which is produced by the pressure difference inside the fluids.

A solid is 40 Newton when immersed totally in a liquid of relative density 0.8. calculate the weight when immersed in water?


The force that acts on objects immersed in or floating on a liquid?

Upthrust from the liquid.

Why do solids experience an apparent weight loss when immersed in a liquid?

The weightlessness is due to the buoyancy force acting on the body, it pushes the body upwards i.e in a direction opposite to that of the attraction of the earth.

When a body is immersed in a liquid?

... the telephone usually rings.

Does the weight of an object immersed in a buoyant liquid affect the buoyant force on the object?

It is not the weight of the immersed object but the volume of the object would affect the buoyant force on the immersed object because the buoyant force is nothing but the weight of the displaced liquid whose volume is equal to that of the immersed object.

What is buyont force?

As a body gets immersed in the liquid then equal volume of the liquid is displaced. The weight of this displaced liquid would offer an upward force tending to push the immersed body out of the liquid. This force is known to be BUOYANT FORCE.

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