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R=0.08214 L(atm)/mol(K)

and you know the rest of the values... so make sure you have the right units and solve for n

n= 9*8/(0.08214*20)



part a found the number of moles, so just use Avagadro's number, which is the number of atoms or molecules in a mole


that will give you the molecules of gas in the vessel

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Q: Gas is contained in an 8.0-L vessel at a temperature of 20C and a pressure of 9.0 ATM a Determine the number of moles of gas in the vessel b How many molecules are in the vessel?
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How does increasing the temperature affect pressure of a contained gas?

Gives it higher pressure.

What is the effect of temperature change on the pressure of a contained gas?

When temperature increases, pressure also increases.

What will happen to the pressure of a contained gas if its temperature is lowered?

It will increase

What is the relationship between the temperature and the pressure of gas?

If the temperature is low, then the molecules of the gas have less kinetic energy and thus it has low pressure. If the temperature is higher, then the molecules have more energy and thus the gas has higher pressure

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What determine the state of a substance?

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Temperature and pressure

What happens to an enclosed gas if the temperature is increased?

For an enclosed gas (contained in a fixed volume), the pressure increases as temperature increases.Another way to picture this is that at higher temperatures, the gas molecules colliding with the walls of the container are more energetic, so the force exerted (pressure) is greater.

Is barometric pressure connected to the temperature?

Barometric pressure has everything to do with temperature. There is a simple way to understand the relationship... The higher the temperature is, the lower the pressure. The lower the temperature is, the higher the pressure. Reasoning: Barometric pressure is caused by expansion and contraction of gaseous molecules(the air we breathe). Heat causes the molecules to expand, and become less dense, causing the warm air to rise, and pressure to be dropped. Cold causes the molecules to contract, making the air become more dense, and fall closer to the ground. Heat is rapidly moving, generously spaced molecules. Cold is slower moving, closer spaced molecules.

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Temperature and pressure.