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its weight aslo effects the bounce its weight aslo effects the bounce

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Q: How does the height of a ball dropped affect the number of bounces it will make?
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If a basketball is properly inflated, it should rebound after bouncing on the ground to about one-Half the height from which it was dropped. If the ball is dropped from 20 feet, how high will it bounce back after the sixth bounce?


Coefficient of restitution?

The coefficient of restitution is how you quantify bounciness or give bounciness a number, and you do that by dividing the bounce height by the drop height, then finding the square root of that. When you have more bounces you can find more than one coefficient of restitution!

How does the drop-height affect the number of times the bouncy ball bounces?

The higher the boiuncy ball is the more times if u do it with a small bouncy ball but if you do it with a big bouncy ball it will stay the same ever time u go up in height. The smaller the bouncy ball the more times it will bounce at a higher drop-height but if you try it with a big bounce ball it will still the same number of times each time you go up in inches

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