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Answer: yes velocity because velocity is traveling in the same direction at the same speed so yes it is traveling in a straight line

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Q: If an object is traveling at a constant velocity is it necessarily traveling in a straight line?
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Can an object traveling at constant velocity have acceleration?

No. An object traveling at a constant velocity is not accelerating.

Is your speed is constant if you are traveling in a straight line with an acceleration of zero?

If your acceleration is zero, then yes, you are traveling at a constant speed. The path does not matter. Acceleration measures the change in velocity, so an acceleration of zero means that there is zero change in velocity and therefore the speed is constant.

If you are traveling around a curve at a constant speed of 30 km is the veiocity change?

Yes, the velocity is changing. Velocity is a quantity composed of the speed and the direction of motion. Constant velocity means: Constant speed, in a straight line. If the direction is changing, then the velocity is changing, even if the speed is constant.

Is it possible to accelerate while traveling at a constant velocity?

If you accelerate, your velocity isn't constant.

What is constant velocity in terms of physics?

Constant velocity means constant speed in a straight line.

What does it mean when an object is traveling with a constant velocity?

It means that the velocity doesn't change over time. It's speed is always the same, and it moves in a straight line.

What is the net force acting if your professor's car is traveling west with a constant velocity of 55 mi-hr west on a straight highway?

If the velocity of the object is constant, then the net force on it is zero.(Incidentally, if the velocity of the car is constant and not zero, then it must be ona straight highway. If the highway curved and the car's velocity didn't change, thenit would run off of the road.)

Are you accelerating if you are traveling in a constant direction with constant speed and explain?

If you are traveling in a constant direction with constant speed there are no changes in velocity, so you are not accelerating.

What are examples of constant velocity?

Imagine you are driving in your car on a straight, flat highway. Neglect curvature of the earth. You set the cruise control and stay in your lane without having to steer. Now you are traveling at a constant speed in a constant direction. This is an example of constant velocity.

When a ball is traveling at a constant velocity of 50 ms and has been traveling for over 2 minutes what is the balls acceleration?

When something is traveling at a constant velocity it has no acceleration. In other words your answer is 0.

If A car moves at constant speed also moving at constant velocity?

Not necessarily. Constant velocity also means no change in direction.

Can you be accelerating if you are traveling at constant speed?

Velocity is speed in a certain direction. You can keep speed the same, and if you change direction then you have changed velocity.

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