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When you walk across the carpet you pick up stray electrons. Those electrons then transfer from you to the doorknob when you touch it causing a shock.

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Q: If someone walks across a carpet and touch a doorknob and get a shock what caused it?
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Shock that a person gets when touching a metal doorknob after walking across a carpet is caused by?

static electricity (kinitic)

What is static electricity caused by?

socks taken from a clothes dryer stick together

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Carpet burns and their cousins, rope burns are caused by friction.

Accumulation of electic charges on an object?

Static electricity may accumulate on an object, such as is caused by shuffling across a synthetic fibre carpet. Or as accumulates on a car body in a dry environment.

What happened when Thales rubbed the amber and the silk cloth?

Thales of Miletus, a Greek philosopher, discovered that rubbing amber with silk created an electric charge in the amber which caused objects to be attracted to it. If rubbed enough, it created a spark, much like we receive when we walk on carpet and touch a doorknob and see, hear and feel the spark.

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When someone rubs their feet on a carpet what particles caused this to happen?

Nobody knows what causes people to rub their feet on a carpet. Indeed,it may be different particles that inspire different people to do that. But allof the static electrical effects we see, including when they walk over to usand zap us, are due to the motion of electrons from one object to another.

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