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If you roll a ball up a hill it undergoes negative upward and positive downward acceleration.

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Q: If you roll a ball up a hill it undergoes what acceleration?
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Why does a ball roll down hill?

Balls roll down hills because of gravity. The Earth attracts the ball.

If you roll a ball down a hill will the ball eventually stop by its own?


Would a bigger ball roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball?

A bigger ball will not always roll down a hill faster than a smaller ball. It will depend upon the weight of the balls.

Why does a ball roll down a hill?

A ball rolls down hill because there is no force preventing it from moving. If there was an object in the way, that would be the force that counters the movement/roll.

What force causes a bowling ball to roll down the hill?

it rolls

When a ball roll down a hill what energy conversion occur?


Sport that has a letter z in it?

There is a sport where you get in a ball and roll down a hill its called Zorb ball.

Why did the penguin roll down the hill?

he thought he was a ''bowling-ball rolling down the hill to hit the other pin-guins.

A ball roll down the hill and hits a box the momentum of the ball decreases which happen to the momentum?

It is converted to Inertia I think.

On what surface will a ball roll best?

A:In basketball A down hill smooth surface is the best surface to roll a ball on. no honey u wrong who Eva this is it roll better on the ground im smart right i no

How far different size ball will roll if they are let go at the same spot on a hill?

If two round objects roll down a hill, the one with the greater mass will roll faster. If they are dropped they will fall at the same rate.

Does the surface of a hill effect how fast a ball will roll down it?

Yes, among other variables.

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