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The decibel scale is used to measure the loudness of sound.

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Q: The Decibel scale is used to?
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The scale used to define sound intensities?

decibel scale

What is the scale used to define sound intensities?

Decibel scale.The scale used to define sound intensities is called the decibel scale system. The units used to measure the intensity of sound are referred to as decibels.

What type of scale is the decibel scale?

The decibel scale is a logarithmic scale. Scroll down to related links and look at "Decibel - Wikipedia" and "Sound level meter - Wikipedia".

How The scale used to define sound intensities is called the scale?

Really good

Who invented the decibel scale?

The decibel scale was originally used to quantify signal loss in a telephone circuit. The original unit, bel, was named in honor of Alexander Graham Bell. The decibel was devised by the Bell Telephone Laboratories in the 1920's.

What scale does the decibel go up in?

It's a logarithmic scale.

What does the decibel scale measure?

It measures the loudness of sound.

How do you measure decibels?

The intensity of sound is measured in a unit called the decibel (dB), which describes the relative intensity of a sound based on an algorithmic decibel scale containing values ranging from 0 to 194. A zero value on the decibel scale represents the weakest sound audible to humans and sound intensity increases in correspondence with numeric values, the relationship among the values on the decibel scale is not linear but algorithmic. Here is an example of the decibel scale

How do you use the word decibel in a sentence?

How do you use the word decibel in a sentence?What is decibel used for?

What would a small bird singing be on a decibel scale?

Around 60.

What is the subunit of Decibel?

The bell is a large unit, so a subunit, a decibel, is usually used. There is no subunit of decibel.

What measurement do you use to measure loudness?

Sound pressure level is the measurement of sound strength on a logarithmic scale. The unit used is the Decibel.

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