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Calculate the volume of the room. Volume = length in meters times width in meters times height in meters. That are cubic meters.

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Q: Volume of air in a room?
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How much oxygen in room?

About 20% of the volume of the air in the room is oxygen.

How you calculate Air changes of a Department of spinning mills?

Air changes in a spinning department can be calculated as follows Air Changes= Room air volume in cmh/ Room volume in m3

How can you calculate air change rate in a clean room?

N=60*fresh air/volume(room)

When sizing area for air conditioner is it the floor area or volume?

Volume of the room.

What units measure the volume of air in a room?


How do you measure the volume of air in a room?

It equals the volume of the room. Get the length (L), width (W) and height (H)measurements of the room. The volume = L x W x H

When you are finding how much air fills up the room do you find surface area or volume?


How do you measure the amount of air in a room?

Calculate the volume of the room. Length x width x height. For all practical purposes the volume of the contents of the room can be ignored.

Name an object with small mass and large volume?

The air in your room.

What are the number of cubic meters of air in a room?

That depends on the size of the room. The cubic capacity, or volume, can be found by multiplying the width, length and height of the room. W x L x H = V (volume).

How do you estimate the mass of air if the density of air is 1.3kg per m3?

You multiply the volume of the desired object - the inside of your room, perhaps - by the density.

How can you increase room air pressure?

One option is sealing the room and heating it. Gay-Lussac's law states that the pressure of a fixed mass and volume is directly proportional to temperature, so a warmer room will mean an increased air pressure.

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