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increase height or increase weight

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Q: What can increase potential energy?
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What will happen if you increase the mass of an object what will the potential energy do?

If you increase the mass of an object, the potential energy will increase.

How could you increase the potential energy of an object?

We can increase the potential energy of an object by applying more energy on it

What does potential energy depend on to increase?

Potential Energy depends on mass and height to increase(: Hope that helps.MassHeight

How were you able to increase the amount of potential energy the ball had?

As we increase the altitude of the ball the potential energy increases.

How can you increase potential and kinetic energy?

kinetic energy is increase by heat

How does elevation effect potential energy due to gravity?

Increase in potential energy = weight x increase in height

What affects potential energy?

Temperature is directly proportional to kinetic energy (potential energy).eg. increase the temperature, you increase the kinetic energy of the molecules, hence you're increasing the potential energy of them.

How does gravitational potential energy of an object increase?

On Earth, Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) would increase with an increasing altitude.

How does mass and height affect potential energy?

Increased mass and/or height increase potential energy.

How can you increase potential energy?

Potential energy is vague, which consists of gravitational potential energy, chemical potential energy , etc. How to increase Gravtiational potential energy? Gravitational energy = mass x gravity constant x height looking at the equation, by increasing the height or increasing the mass. Chemical potential energy is basically stored energy, increasing the mass of the stored energy.

What happens to the potential energy as the kinetic of an object increase?

As the kinetic energy of an object increases, its potential energy decreases.

How does potential energy in a ball changed to potential energy?

When the ball falls down, the potential energy decreases (potential energy is greater at a greater height), but the kinetic energy (energy due to movement) will increase.

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