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A photocell is an sensor that is supplied by a power feed and switches a load e.g:500W light when it becomes dark, letting electricity flow from mains side to the load side of the sensors relay therefore activating the light.

A photocell is just that. Photo means light. It can control a door buzzer or light the porch when some one come up to the house. It changes resistance with incident light. A circuit can be built to use that change.

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Q: What is a photocell?
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Is photocell used in calculator?


In a photocell light energy is converted into?

Electrical Energy

How does photocell work?

Best Answer - Chosen by VotersActually "photocell" can refer to lots of different things and you are talking about two of them! Let's agree that photocell means "thing that is sensitive to light". 1) A light dependent resistor uses a chemical (typically a Cadmium compound like cadmium sulfide) that changes resistance when exposed to light. It doesn't convert light to current. To use one, you have to provide voltage and measure the change in current as the resistance changes (or you could provide a constant current and watch the voltage change; same thing).2) A silicon photocell (or solar cell) generates electricity from light. Photons (light particles) hit the silicon and cause electrons to flow out of the silicon (a little more complicated, but you asked for simple).3) A photo transistor uses light to turn on a transistor. Actually all "regular" transistors are light sensitive. A photo transistor is made to be sensitive and has a window in the can to let the light in.4) A photo diode is sort of like a photo transistor but used a diode.That's all from memory, but I think that about wraps it up. Some of these things are really the same things packaged up or specialized for a certain task. But a light dependent resistor is not an electric

Appliances bimetallic strips are used in?

Bimetallic strips are used in switches which are triggered by changes in temperature. Examples of appliances that use bimetallic strips include heaters, ovens, irons, coffee makers, and toasters. Various applications using bimetallic strips include: 1. Clocks - where temperature changes could cause errors in timekeeping. 2. Thermostats to regulate temperature in household heating systems and car cooling systems. 3. Some thermometers are based on bimetallic strips wound into a coil. 4. Circuit breakers in electrical devices are used to protect circuits from excess current by responding to any increase in temperature by cutting of the electricity supply. 5, Some photocell devices use a thermal relay consisting of a resistor and a bimetallic strip. The light causes the photocell to conduct electricity, causing the resistor to heat, thus causing the bimetallic strip to bend away from the electrical contact, keeping the lights or other load turned off. When it gets dark, the photocell no longer conducts, thus allowing the strip to cool and make contact. This design has advantages over using a magnetic coil relay in that there is some built-in delay and that there may be some inherent overload protection.

What is the difference between a photocell and a photovoltaic cell?

Photo cell is the most common name This is of three types. Photoelectric cell where as light falls electrons get emitted Photo conductive cell has a property of change in conductivity as light falls on Photo voltaic is the one where voltage is produced as electrons get transferred from one region to the other in the same material as light falls on

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What is the function of a photocell?

There is a lot of things when you talked about photocell... well in electronics world of terms the main functions of photocell are for sensing which provides limits or safety.

How does a photocell convert light into electrical energy?

Light heats a photocell, and the difference in temperature creates an electric current(:

What does photocell mean?

light of a cell

Is photocell used in calculator?


How does a roof affect the position of a photocell?

the roof is slanted so you will need to put your photocell on the side of the roof where the sun is shining

What chemical element is used in a photocell?


Who invented photocell?

Mike....Mike Hawk.

What chemical element is found in photocell?


When light strikes a photocell does the resistance increase or decrease?

When light strikes a photocell, the resistance decreases, allowing current to flow more freely.

In a photocell light energy is converted into?

Electrical Energy

How do you replace a photocell on your outdoor light post?

# Turn off the power to the lamppost circuit at the breaker box. # Unscrew the mounting screws holding the lamp in place, and pull the lamp fixture from the post. Remove the wire nuts, and use the circuit tester to be sure the power is off. # Disconnect the wires to the fixture and the photocell. # Disconnect the locking nuts that hold the existing photocell on the post, and remove the photocell. If your lamp doesn't have a photocell, you'll need to drill an access hole in the post to install one. # Install the adhesive foam ring (provided with the photocell) around the mounting hole. # Run a bead of silicone sealant around the photocell where it will press against the interior of the lamppost. # Push the sensor through the mounting hole, and secure it with a locking nut. # Add silicone sealant inside the lamp fixture at any point where moisture might leak through to the photocell. # Connect the white wires from the power supply, lamp, and photocell together. Secure the connection with a wire nut. Connect the black photocell wire to the black power supply wire in the same manner. Connect the black lamp fixture wire to the red photocell wire and secure the connection with a wire nut. # Reainstall the fixture on the lamppost.

Where can someone get professional photocell lighting?

Professional photocell lighting is available from a number of websites. Some of the most popular include Arcadian Homes, Build and Lighting Showplace.

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