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Orbital velocity is the speed an object revolves around another object - Earth revolving around the Sun.

Escape velocity is the speed required to break away from an objects gravitational attraction - Eg a space craft leaving Earth.

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Q: What is the difference between orbital velocity and escape velocity?
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What is the difference between escape velocity and orbital velocity?

What is the difference between a satellite and a probe with regard to orbital velocity and escape velocity

Difference between probes and satellites regarding orbital and escape velocity?

a probe need to travel escape velocity while a satellite travel orbital velocity.

What is ratio between orbital velocity and escape velocity?

square root of 2

What is the fifferce between orbital and escape velocity?

Escape velocity is the velocity that an object needs in order to reach infinite distance, wherein the force will equal to zero. Orbital velocity is the velocity of an object so it can stay in orbit.

What is the difference between a satellite and a probe with regard to orbital velocity and escape velocity?

Well, a satellite revolves about 80 times faster than the probe. The probe masters different situations which cause orbital problems. Escape velocity doesn't have the power that regards to the probe. Scientists assume that the satellite has the power, but others don't. The probe connects to orbital velocity and has the power to control it.

Is escape velocity bigger than orbital velocity?


How is orbital velocity and escape velocity different?

I believe orbital velocity is about 73% of escape velocity at the same distance from the mass center of the body being orbited. Could be 71% because escape velocity divided by the square root of 2 seemed to be indicated.

Compare orbital and escape velocity?

Orbital velocity vo= v sqrt(1 + e) where e is the eccentricity of the orbit and e<1. Escape velocity is when e=1, ve=vsqrt(2).

You say that the escape velocity is the one required to escape the earth's gravitational speed then we say the satellites stay in orbits because of the earth's gravitational speed how does that ha?

Satellites are traveling at less than escape velocity. (roughly, orbital velocity is about 7 tenths of escape).

Is orbital velocity the velocity a rocket must reach to fly off into space?

No.Orbital Velocity is the velocity required by a body to achieve a circular orbit around its primary.Escape velocity is the minimum velocity needed to escape a gravitational field

What is the minimum velocity needed to place something into orbit?

Orbital velocity can be approximated with Vo ~= (GM/r) 0.5 Vo ~= VE/1.414 where G is the gravitational constant, M is the mass of the main body, with the mass of the second body being negligible, r being the distance between them, and alternatively, VE being the escape velocity. Using the second form, based on escape velocity, the orbital velocity of a satellite around the Earth is 11.186 / 1.414 = 7.9 km s-1.

What speed does a rocket have to reach to get into space?

(Escape velocity) at least 7 miles ber second. Close-Orbital velocity is about 5 miles per second.

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