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33.35 grams

I used the density=mass/volume formula. To get the volume of a cube you do the following:

1.2 *1.2 * 1.2=1.728

Now you plug your values in the formula:



mass=19.3 * 1.2 = 23.16

mass=33.35 grams

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Q: What is the mass of a cube with 1.2 cubic centimeters on a side. and the density is 19.3 grams per cubic centimeters?
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A metal cube volume is 4cm3 and has a mass of 8 grams what is its density?

8 grams divided by 4 cubic centimeters indicates a density of 2 grams per cubic centimeter.

What is the volume in cubic centimeters of 1 kilo of silver?

1000 grams of silver with a density of 10,49 has a volume of 95,33 cubic centimeters (a cube 4,47 centimeters on a side).

If a perfect cube of alluminum was found to weigh 20.00g with density 2.7gcm cubed what are the dimensions of the cube?

A density of 2.5 grams per cubic centimeter means a 20 gram cube would be 7.41 cubic centimeters. This indicates that each side of the cube would be 1.949 cm long.

What is the density of a cube with a side of 3 centimeters and is 54 grams?

2 grams/cc

What is the density of a cube with a mass of 50 grams and volume of 112cm cubed?

The units of density are mass/volume, or in your case grams/cubic cm density = 50 grams / 112 cubic cm = 0.4464 grams/cubic cm

What is the density of a cube with a volume of 8 cubic centimeters?

This question cannot be answered without knowing the mass of the cube. Also, the volume of the cube cannot be 8 cm which is a linear measure.

A plastic cube with measuring 2 centimeters each has a mass of 3.9 grams what is the density of this cube?

Density=0.4875 g/cc

Help me with my science homework A student needs a cube of copper that has to have a mass of 80.0 grams. He knows the density of copper is 8.92. He had to find the volume so he calculated the required?

mass = density x volume so volume = mass/density = 80/8.92 = 8.97 cubic centimeters; here density is g/cubic centimeter. Since it is a cube each side is cube root 8.97 = 2.08 centimeters

What is the density in grams per cubic centimeter of a cube of Osmium metal that is 1.500 centimeters on a side and has a mass of 76.31 grams?

mass divided by volume is the density. 76.31g/(1.5cm3*1.5cm3*1.5cm3) = 22.5g/cm-3

What is density of a cube of water measuring 2cm4cm1m with a mas of 8mg?

The density of liquid water is 1gram per cubic centimeter. A cube 2*4*1 has a volume of 8 cubic centimeters. Thus if it is a cube of water it should have a mass of 8 grams. As your cube has a mass of only 8 mg (that is 8 milligrams) the substance CAN NOT BE LIQUID WATER because it only has a density of .001grams per cubic centimeter.

What is the density of a cube with a mass of 8 grams and a volume of 2 centimeters cubed?

Density = mass/volume Density of the cube = 8g/2cm3 = 4g/cm3

What is the density of a cube of iron 15 cm on an edge that weighs 9.6 kg?

Density = mass(in grams)/volume ( volume in centimeters cubed. cc ) 9.6 kilograms = 9600 grams 15 cm^3 = 3375 cc Density = 9600 grams/3375 cc = 2.84 grams/cubic centimeters ( or milliliters) ( real density of iron is 7.86 g/ml )

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