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The momentum of a parked car will be none because it has not been acted upon by another force.

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Q: What is the momentum of a parked car?
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What is true of momentum?

Momentum can be transferred from one object to many objects. Example: A car traveling 40mph on a 2 lane city street with parked cars along one side strikes a car that braked unexpectedly. The struck car lurches forward, striking a parked car. That parked car jumps forward, striking the next parked car. That parked car is pushed to the left, striking a car traveling in the opposite direction. The momentum forces the once-parked car back to the right, making it sideswipe the next parked car. That car moved sideways into a telephone pole. The pole absorbed most of the force, but a loose transformer on the pole shook then fell atop the car...

What is the momentum of a 500 kg truck before it strikes a 300 kg parked car?

Momentum defined as p=mv.. The momentum of the truck depends on its velocity

When does a car have momentum?

Momentum = Mass x Velocity. (p=m*v)The mass of an object made of matter can not be zero.If the object (car) is moving, then the velocity will be non-zero, and the object will have non-zero momentum.So, if you are driving or rolling the car, it has momentum.If it is parked, then it will have 0 velocity (with respect to the earth), and thus will have 0 momentum.So, when the car is moving, it has net momentum. When it is parked it has zero momentum. I then just becomes a mater of semantics whether having zero momentum is equivalent to not having momentum, or if it is actually a valid value for momentum or state of momentum.

What is momentum of a parked car?

Its the speed of a stoned penguin on roller skates pulled over by an Austrailian cop.

Who is liable in a rear end collision if the car that was rear ended was parked?

As long as the parked vehicle is parked properly and not illegally parked in any manner, then the vehicle that rear-ended the parked car is at fault. Now if the parked car is sitting illegally (such as double parked or parked in a no parking zone, etc.) then the parked car is at fault or even both the parked car AND the car that hits it are BOTH at fault.

A 500 kg truck moving at 30 ms strikes a parked 300 kg car they connect together and move forward What is the momentum of the truck before it strikes the car?

15,000 kg-m/s...momentum=mass x velocityThe crashing into the car is irrelevant

A 500kg truck moving a 30ms strikes a parked car and they connect together and move forward what is the speed of the car and truck as they move forward connected together?

Momentum = mass x velocity. You already stated the mass and velocity so you can figure out the momentum.

If a Car rolls into a car parked in a disabled spot?

The car that rolled into the parked car is at fault.

Who be be at fault if you hit an illegally parked car in Atlanta even if the illegally parked car was in a blind spot and the space where the car was parked illegally was too close for comfront?

It would be the car who had parked illegally because he was not parked in a legal spot.

Who is liable if an insured car is hit into a parked car and the car that hit the insured car into the parked car gets away?

If a car is parked (so it wasnt moving, standing still), the other car is in fault.

Who pays when a parked car is hit?

The driver of the car that was driving when the accident occured. The owner of the parked car should not be responsible unless the car was parked in an illegal place or position.

Who is at fault when a parked car in parking lot is hit?

depends on whether or not the car is parked well. if the car is parked properly, in the right spot then it should be the car that hit it that is at fault.

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