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I am not an expert, but in on-line conversations, here are some reasons I have found:

1. Overheating, a house fan needs to rest at least 2hrs/day

2. Overheating can cause some parts to soften, leading to

- fuse blowing

- dirt and debris can clog spindle causing it to work harder. Amperage doesn't

think. Like a gold fish, it will eat all the power it needs despite the size of the

wire, fuse, or the combustibility of insulation around the burning hot wires.

Therefore it/amps needs a leash, often referred to as: capacitor, fuse, circuit

breaker, ... the off switch.

3. To keep the fan from doing overtime, without the time & a half, keep the dust

out... and the oil in. Oil the bottom of the spindle. WD40 anyone?

4. Once it gets too hot, that "leash" will break.

5. Finding the fuse can be tricky. They are very small and usually a solid color,

sometimes wrapped in the insulation surrounding all that thick wire bundle.

6. As an aside, the current only travels on the outside of the wire bundle, not

through the inside. So if there is a lot of dust mixed with moisture, (which

turns to muddy dirt), it can hamper the electric flow, which may cause arcing.

(arking). A little now... a little then, over time a wire can weaken and stop

carrying current which means the other wires must work harder, which=hotter.

and cycle keeps going until one day you are looking at this website.

7. Finally, (or maybe first), check the on/off switch. If you turn the fan on, and

you hear a hum, but no turning, means there is power, but it's clogging. If you

hear nothing, then perhaps it's just the switch. Dirt can gradually build up over

the 'contact' point, and stop the connection.

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Q: What is the the main reason why electric fan suddenly stop when it is runing?
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