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a pulley and wheel and axle

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Q: What type of simple machine is a ski lift?
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What kinds of simple machine is a ski run?

An Inclined Plane

What kind simple machine is a ski run?

An Inclined Plane

When was Hall Ski-Lift created?

Hall Ski-Lift was created in 1954.

What do you do if your ski falls off on the chair lift?

Depending on the type of lift you could get mauled by the machinery or you could go back down the lift in the cabin...

When was the ski lift invented?

The first purpose built ski lift was built in 1908 in Schwarzwald in Germany.

What do you do when you have fixed the ski lift in club penguin?

Monkeyzman87: There are many websites that tell you. you get a belt and put it on the ski lift

What is the ski lift definition-in ski terms?

A lift or pulley that takes a skier from one place on the mountain to the other

What ski lift passes are available at Breckenridge?

There are several ski lift passes available at Breckenridge. Some possible options are the Epic Ski Pass and the Tahoe Interchange Ski Pass. You can find them on the Ski Bundle website.

Another name for a ski lift?

T Bar That is a kind of ski lift. You often hear it being called a chair lift but this name does not apply to magic carpets, platter lifts or t bars, so the best name would be simply a lift, as this applies to all types of ski lifts.

How do you fix the ski lift on a mission on club pengin?

Go to the ski shop and take the belt of the penguin and then put it on the ski lift . Its really funny you see his underpants.

Why do ski lifts have pulleys?

A ski lift is operated by a pulley; they need them to operate the lift; without them, there would only be a cable and chair lift floating in mid- air

How do you get the ski lift working?

you have to find the other ski lift on the mountain then ride that one. if you go back down it should work.