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Which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

Which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

What is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

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Q: When sound wave is refracted from air to water what will remain unchanged 1 Frequency 2 Wave length 3 Wave Velocity 4 Both Wave length and velocity?
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What happens when light is refracted?

When light is refracted, it changes direction as well as its velocity. However, it doesn’t change its wavelength and frequency

How is frequency related to velocity?

the velocity of a wave is given by frequency*its wavelength

Formula for wavelength?

velocity=frequency×wavelength therefore wavelength= velocity ÷ frequency

Can you find volocity if you have wavelength and frequency?

Wavelength = Velocity / Frequency So, Velocity = Wavelength * Frequency

How do you find wavelength using frequency?

velocity=lambda*frequency Therefore lambda=velocity/frequency

If the frequency is doubled then for waves what would be the wavelength and vlocity?

Frequency = Velocity divided by wavelength. So if frequency is doubled that means velocity is doubled but the wavelength is halved. You can see this by keeping wavelength a constant : If Frequency =1 and Wavelength= 1 1= Velocity/1 Velocity=1 If Frequency =2 and Wavelength= 1 2= Velocity/1 Velocity =2 OR keeping Velocity constant: If Frequency =1 and Velocity= 1 1= 1/Wavelength Wavelength =1 If Frequency =2 and Velocity= 1 2= 1/Wavelength Wavelength=1/2

How is the velocity of a wave calculated?

velocity = frequency x wavelength

What is the formula of wave velocity?

velocity = frequency / wavelength, I believe.

The product of the wavelength times the frequency of a wave is its?

velocity cause Velocity= wavelength X frequency

What is the relationship between velocity and frequency?

The velocity of a wave is the product of frequency and wavelength,such that: V=fλ

How does velocity vary with wavelength if frequency is the same?

Velocity equals frequency times wavelength. If frequency is constant, velocity is proportional to wavelength; one increases at the same rate as the other.

What is the relationship among wavelegnth and wave velocity?


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