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cases involving betweeen 200 and 5000 if the court has concurrent jurisdition with district courts

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Q: What type of cases are not included within the jurisdiction of a constitutional county court?
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What is the jurisdiction of police dept in Virginia?

It depends on what department you are referring to. Municipal departments have jurisdiction within their town/city. County Sheriffs and County Police Depts have jurisdiction anywhere within their county, includng the towns and cities. The State Police have jurisdiction anywhere in the state.

What is county residence?

County residence refers to the location or address within a specific county where a person resides. It is used for administrative, legal, and voting purposes to determine where an individual lives within a county jurisdiction.

What is a sentence for jurisdiction?

The state has jurisdiction over most crimes committed within its borders. He did not dare enter the county sheriff's jurisdiction, or he would surely be thrown in jail.

Who determines the jurisdiction and powers of Justice of the Peace Courts within constitutional limits.?

The jurisdiction and powers of Justice of the Peace Courts are typically determined by state legislation within constitutional limits. Each state has its own laws outlining the scope of authority for Justice of the Peace Courts, which can vary based on factors such as the population size of the jurisdiction and the types of cases they can hear.

Should the legislature determine the jurisdiction and powers of Justice of the Peace Courts within constitutional limits?

The question is a true statement.

What is the jurisdiction of the legislative branch?

to administer justice within a defined area of responsibility.

Can a Minnesota state trooper give you a seat belt violation in town?

The simple answer is yes. It comes down to a question of jurisdiction. A state trooper has jurisdiction throughout the entire state including all the counties and towns within that state. A county deputy has jurisdiction throughout the entire county of a particular state including all the towns in that county. A town police officer only has jurisdiction in his/her particular town.

What county is Alexandria Virginia in?

Alexandria, Virginia is an independent city and not located within a county.

Is Commissioners' Court the judicial and executive body of a county in Texas?

Whether a Commissioner's Court has judicial duties in addition to its executive duties depends on the particular county. Each county in Texas has a Commissioner's Court that serves as the executive body of the county. The Commissioner's Court is headed by a County Judge, who is the chief executive of a county. Additionally, in counties without County Courts at Law, Commissioners' Courts (also known as Constitutional County Courts) have far-reaching judicial duties, including original jurisdiction in civil actions between $200 and $10,000, some misdemeanors, probate matters, and juvenile matters, and appeals from Justice and Municipal courts. In counties with one or more County Court at Law, the Commissioner's Court may retain some judicial jurisdiction, but in practicality, the bulk of its judicial duties are transferred to the County Courts at Law. Within a county there are also often District Courts, Justice Courts, and Municipal Courts, each with their own judicial jurisdiction. For a directory of Texas Courts organized by county, see the Texas Courts Guide related link. For a description of how jurisdiction is broken down between different courts in a particular county, see the Texas Trial Court Jurisdiction By County related link.

Can police from Ventura County arrest people in Los Angeles County?

Generally no and only in "rare" circumstances (i.e. pursuits, assisting another agency,etc.) Law enforcement officers in Ventura County only have jurisdiction within Ventura County with the exception of the CHP. However all law enforcement officers are POST certified but that does not give them jurisdiction to affect an arrest outside of their agencies jurisdiction. Key word here is "Jurisidiction."

What is a local law applying only within an individual city or county jurisdiction called?

I'm certain this is varies in different jurisdictions, but here in Indiana, we call them Ordinances, for laws passed by a municipality or county government.

What type of men took part in the constitutional convention?

Many of the people that took part in the Constitutional Convention were educated professionals within their communities. They included merchants, shippers, business men, doctors, lawyers, ministers, and theologists.