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It depends where you are in the world, but to be honest with you most compulsive liars have a problem admitting they have a problem not to mention going on a television show, so you would really need to find people who live with compulsive liars who can persuade them to go on a tv show. I live with a compulsive liar, and they do not like to admit that they lie. Do you try and point out when they lie? why do you think that they lie? I was speaking to a therapist who said that it is a very difficult thing to a) recongise and b) change.

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2006-04-06 13:49:25
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Q: How do you find people who have a compulsive lying problem for an illuminating television documentary?
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How do you stop a compulsive liar?

There is no easy way to get true compulsive liars to stop lying. Many compulsive behaviors are symptoms of deeper mental disorders and may require professional counseling and/or medication to treat the problem.

How do you help a compulsive liar?

You don't! The person that is the compulsive liar has to reach out for professional help and it doesn't matter what you say or do, this person has to admit they need help. It truth when they say, "they are always the last to know", meaning, an alcoholic never thinks they have a problem with alcohol, a compulsive liar never thinks they lie, etc. Until they reach a point in their lives where they have no place to go but the truth about themselves there is nothing anyone can do for them.

After being in a relationship with a compulsive liar and having it fall to pieces is it possible for you to become a compulsive liar with more demented feelings as your ex?

It's possible, but because you have separated it means you weren't happy in this relationship so you expect honesty and a lot more while a compulsive liar can't help what they say, but know they are wrong about lying and are either in denial or refuse counseling for their problem. As far as you are concerned it's safe to say that you aren't a compulsive liar and it's best to move on and find someone that is better suited for you. Good luck

What are examples of maladaptive behavior?

Gambling is an example of maladaptive behavior. Gambling is not a problem if a person bets small amounts for entertainment and maintaining self control. However, compulsive gambling is a sign of psychopathology.

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I need help too , help us first year. You may have a medical problem. See your doctor. If you don't have a medical problem then you are just allowing yourself to be distracted. Cut the distractions out of your life. Turn off the television. Exercise self discipline.

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How do you stop a compulsive liar?

There is no easy way to get true compulsive liars to stop lying. Many compulsive behaviors are symptoms of deeper mental disorders and may require professional counseling and/or medication to treat the problem.

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Is there a medication for compulsive lying?

There are not medications specifically for compulsive lying. However, compulsive lying is usually a symptom of other underlying psychiatric issues, some of which may require medications. Sometimes just interacting with a councilor or therapy can cause a noticeable improvement with the problem.

Why is obsessive-compulsive disorder often misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed?

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