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No, as a man myself I don't think he will start a one-man smear campaign against you. That sort of thing takes a lot of energy to maintain, and pretty soon those on the listening end will get pretty tired of his act. The people who care about you will not be swayed by a man who does that sort of thing, and those that might be influenced can be crossed off your Christmas card list with no real loss.

AdviceWhat you need to do is find a peice of information about him that you know he does not want anyone to know about. Don't confront direct but keep dropping cryptic hints and allude to the evidence you heard or know of. No matter how he denies or blatantly lies on top of it.

This will accomlish several things.1) he will fear you. 2) he will stay away from you 3) It will neturalize him. He will still deny it all but isn't as likely to seek vengeance or humiliate you.

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Q: What are the possible repercussions of confronting a pathological liar- Are they likely to start spreading lies about you?
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