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People all over the world eat chocolate because it is usually very easy access, taste good, and makes nice desserts or snacks.

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2009-05-08 23:41:10
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Q: Why do people eat chocolate in UK?
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How many people eat chocolate?

There are no statistics for how many people eat chocolate, but ots of people eat chocolate, in fact most people in the world.

How much chocolate does an average person in the UK eat?

50 Chocolate bars

How do people of Boganvill eat chocolate?

you eat chocolate with a knife and folk....<3

Do Irish people eat chocolate?

If you know Irish supermarkets sell chocolate, then yes, they do eat chocolate.

How much chocolate does the UK eat per year?

The UK consumes about 605,000 tonnes a year

What percentage of people in England like chocolate?

An overall estimate of people in the UK who eat chocolate would be quite difficult because all these people, at one time or another in their lives, have eaten chocolate. According to an online poll on one website, only 1% of those who responded to the survey did not like chocolate. However, they did not indicate the number of their respondents. Chocolate comprises, after all, a big part of the confectionaries consumed in the UK.

Are people who eat dark chocolate cleverer than people who eat milk chocolate?

No, they just have better taste.

How many people eat chocolate each day?

about a billion people eat chocolate a day according to my sources

Can people eat chocolate?

Lol, chocolate was invented for people so yes.

Can old people eat chocolate?

As long as there is no allergy, anyone of any age can eat chocolate.

Can you eat chocolate?

Yes, please! Some people are allergic to chocolate.

Do french people eat chocolate?

yes. but it is not always milk in the chocolate.

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