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intra-personal communication- talk with yourself

interpersonal communication- relationships

small group comm. 5- 10 people

public speaker comm. speaker audience

computer comm. email im and such

mass com. magazines, tv and mass media

and run escape

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Q: What are the seven forms of human communication?
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What are the 7 forms of human communication?

The 7 forms of human communication are:intra-personal communication- talk with yourself interpersonal communication- relationships small group communication- 5- 10 people public speaker communication- speaker audience computer communication- email IM and such Mass communication- magazines, tv, and mass media

Forms of verbal communication?

There are 3 main forms of verbal communication including Oral Communication, Written Communication, and Mediated Communication.

What are the characteristic of speech communication?

Speech communication is one of several forms of communication that people use. It is one of the oldest forms and is carried out by humans and possibly other animals. Humans depend heavily on communication and it would be difficult to survive without it. Communication is also one of the oldest subjects studied by human beings.

What are basic forms of Communication?

The basic forms of communication that are used include speech, sign language, and body language. Other basic communication forms are eye contact and touch.

What forms of communication connect region in the United states?

What forms of communication connect regions in the United States?

Different forms of communication?

With today's technology, there are many forms of communication. Telephone calls, email, text messages, and instant messaging are all forms of communication in today's social network.

What are some forms of media communication?

There a number of forms of media communication. There is communication through television, radio, and through the printed word. There is also media communication through the internet in the forms of email, news pages, and social websites.

When was Human Communication Research created?

Human Communication Research was created in 1974.

What are common forms of communication in Israel?

-- Telephone -- Radio -- E-mail -- Snail mail -- Newspapers -- Texting -- Human conversation -- Prayer

Is vocal auditory channel found in all forms of human communication via language?

No. Not found in books which communicate by written language.

What are the two general form or classification of communication?

Two forms of communication are spoken communication and written communication.

What is the similar between nonverbal communication and verbal communication?

Both ae forms of communication

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