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Past significant incidents are called as history. Jesus birth to resurrection are historic events. So Jesus is obviously a Historic Person with a history of more than 2000 years.

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Q: Can you describe Jesus as a historic person up to his death on the cross and reserrection?
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Is there any historic evidence of Jesus resurrection?

Yes, eyewitnesses.

Compare Jesus to Daoism?

The Christian or Muslim Jesus was a historic figure in the Bible and Qur'an. Daoism is a philosophy. They cannot be compared

How has history remembered Jesus Christ?

Jesus is the one and only good person. hes perfect, gererous, holy, and many other good words to describe him. aleluia

What scholar started the old quest for historic Jesus?

There were and are many scholars who answer to this description, but there is only one competent authority for Jesus' life, - The Bible

What are the historical figures and events of Christianity?

God and Jesus are the most recognized historic figures in Christianity. Other historic figures include, Adam and Eve, Noah, and Moses.

How can you tell someone famous to accept jesus as their Lord and Savior?

Just because someone is famous doesn't mean that they don't need Jesus. Jesus loves everyone the same. If a poor person can go to hell so can a rich person. You should go up to them and tell them about Jesus because he loves them more than words can describe and he loves anyone that way also.

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The old Christians probably did not describe Jesus because He did not tell them to or instructed them not to. Anyway, in heaven, you should see for yourself.

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jesus was a holy man who was sinless and also the son of god

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We know nothing historical about Jesus except what is written in the gospels, and it is not the intention of the gospels to admit any fault in Jesus. Attempting to answer the question from a wider perspective, many modern scholars believe that the gospel stories are not literally true, with some even questioning whether there really was a Jesus of Nazareth. If Jesus was, in fact, a real person but he did not really suffer in the way the gospels describe, then he also did not bring suffering on himself. If Jesus was not a real person, then of course he did not. But at this stage we do not know.