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A:No. If an angel had been able to take care of John the Baptist, he would have ensured that Herod Antipas did not arrest and subsequently execute him.
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Q: Did an angel take care of John the Baptist while he was in the wilderness?
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What wilderness did John the Baptist preach in?

He preached in the wilderness of Judea. Matt. 3:1

What was John the Baptist also known as?

The Voice that cries out in the wilderness.

Just a voice crying in the wilderness?

Refers to John the Baptist

What was John the Baptist main food in the wilderness?

locuts and honey

Did John the Baptist ever see an angel?

It is possible that John saw the angel in the form of the dove when he baptised Jesus.

How was St. John the Baptist named?

When an angel spoke to Zacharias while he was serving in the temple, he was told that his wife would have a son and his name would be John. Baptist was added later when he began baptizing people in the Jordan River.

What did the angel tell John the Baptist father?

It was the angel Gabriel who visted John's future father, Zachariah

Who was the messenger at the annuciation?

The messenger at the annuciation for both Jesus and John the Baptist was the angel Grabriel.

Was the apostle John shipwrecked three times?

The Bible does not say anything about John the Baptist being shipwrecked. His ministry was in the wilderness.

Who was Jesus for runner?

The for runner for Jesus is John the Baptist. He was prophesied by Isiah the prophet. The voice of one crying in the wilderness

What animal did John the Baptist have?

John the Baptist is often associated with eating locusts and honey, but there is no mention of him having a specific animal. According to the Bible, he lived in the wilderness and wore clothing made of camel's hair.

Were Jesus Christ and John the Baptist the same age?

The direct answer to your question is NO. John the Baptist was not born of a virgin like Christ. The angel Gabriel visits Zacharias while he is duing priestly work in the temple. The angel tells Zacharias that his wife Elizabeth will bear him a son and call his name John. The angel informs Zacharias that his son will be filled with the Holy Spirit from birth. (Luke 1:13-15). Because Zacharias does not believe the news of the birth of a son, he is deaf until his son is born. Like Christ, John the Baptist was filled with the Spirit from birth. However, only Jesus was born of a virgin and was sinless. John the Baptist had a sinful nature just like us and had to believe that Jesus was the Christ (Messiah). Jesus had a heavenly father and John the Baptist had an earthly father like all other humans. Jesus was the exception.