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One major idea common to Hinduism is the belief in a supreme being.

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the correct answer is Peoples actions in life determine their progress towrd spiritual enlightment
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Guru is the major idea in Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma. No other idea can surpass this in Hinduism.

The following two poems explain the core idea of Hinduism:

Let truth be your speech,

Let righteousness never breach,

Practice what parents teach

Next, what the true Guru does preach.

Their services ever you beseech,

Then satisfy guests each,

By that, thee God does reach.

My Guru says,

β€œMother the first teacher,

Father the next preacher,

Then the true Guru be sought.

By that, God is easily brought.”

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Q: What is one major idea Hinduism to its followers?
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What are the names of followers the Hinduism religion?

Followers of Hinduism are called Hindus.The followers of the religion Hinduism are called Hindus. Hindus are spread all the over world. Sikhism is another religion that has been developed from the Hindu religion.

What are the problems of Hinduism?

One of the problems of Hinduism is that most of its followers do not embrace people of different cultures and ethnicity easily. Another problem is that followers are not fervent or passionate about spreading the religion.

Is Hinduism monotheism?

No. Mono means one. If a religion is monotheistic, the followers believe in only one God. In Hinduism, there are many Gods and Goddesses.

What is sentence for Hinduism?

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions still practiced today.Hinduism is the third largest religion in terms of followers.

What do the followers of Hinduism think of marriage?

they marry for only one time,they were so cultured.

What is the 3 major polytheistic religions?

hinduism is one

What is a major principle of Hinduism in ancient India?

One major principle of Hinduism of Ancient India is Dharma (righteous living). According to Hinduism one must follow his Dharma (righteous living) to ensure better life.

Does hinduism encourage people to be kind to one another?

i have no idea :( sorry

How many followers are there of Hinduism worldwide?

so many that we can't count. nosa idk Approximately one billion.

What is a key idea behind Hinduism?

Key idea behind Hinduism is to worship one Supreme God. And break from the cycle of life & death. To attain Moksha (liberation) from life.

What it gives message to its followers for its non followers by Islam and by Hinduism?

The main message of Islam to all peoples is that: "there is only one god. He is the Creator, and therefore only he has the right to be worshipped."

How did Hindu beliefs change peoples lives?

1. Hinduism asks its followers to follow 'dharma' which means fulfilling one's obligations and engaging in righteous action. 2. Hinduism asks its followers to respect other religions and views different from their own. That is why followers of all religions have been able to live in India in peace and prosperity.