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The exact date is unknown. It has traditionally been taught it was written between 120 CE.

Answer The Gospel of John was written in the late 90's; estimated as a 98 CE record. AND "Date: c CE 100-120

Note that the ancient Ryland's papyrus with its short extract from John's Gospel is dated to the first half of the 2nd century. This question is best answered with research and not opinion or general statements. One does need to know, however, that there is not an definitive answer.


The Gospel of John was originally anonymous and the Church Fathers only attributed it to the disciple John later in the second century. At one stage it was said that Cerinthus, the founder of a gnostic school, had written it, so the attribution to John must have been quite late in the second century. Modern scholars say there is no good reason to accept that attribution, and that the gospel could not have been written by an eyewitness to the events the gospel describes.

John's Gospel was the last New Testament gospel to be written. There is good evidence that this gospel was inspired by Luke's Gospel, which was written around the end of the first century, and John is generally considered to have been written sometime in the first two decades of the second century.


Around 90-96 a.d.


John's Gospel was written in 65AD, and was the last one written. Reasons are as follows:-

Most scholars date this gospel c. 90s-100. There is a growing number of scholars, however, who place it sometime before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE. Apart from J. A. T. Robinson's radical redating of John to the fifth decade of the first century (a view which, to my knowledge, almost no scholar has found palatable), the vast bulk of NT scholars can be put into two camps: 90s or 60s.

2. An Early Date (60s) There are a number of data which strongly suggest a date in the 60s, chief among them are the following. (1) The destruction of Jerusalem is not mentioned. This fits extremely well with a date before 66 CE. (2) The topographical accuracy of pre-70 Palestine argues that at least some of the material embedded in the gospel comes from before the Jewish War. (3) There is much primitive terminology used in this gospel. E.g., Jesus' followers are called "disciples" in John, not apostles. (4) The conceptual and verbal parallels with Qumran argue strongly for an overtly Jewish document which fits well within the first century milieu. (5) The date of P55 at c. 100-150, coupled with the date of Papyrus Egerton 2 at about the same time-a document which employed both John and the synoptics-is almost inconceivable if John is to be dated in the 90s. (6) John's literary independence from and apparent lack of awareness of the synoptic gospels argue quite strongly for an early date. Indeed, this independence/ignorance argues that all the gospels were written within a relatively short period of time, with Matthew and Luke having the good fortune of seeing and using Mark in their composition. (7) Finally, there is a strong piece of internal evidence for an early date. In John 5:2 the author says that "there is in Jerusalem, by the sheep-gate, a pool (the one called Bethesda in Hebrew) which has five porticoes." Without discussing all the interpretations possible for this verse suffice it to say that (a) the verb "is" ( ejstin) cannot be a historical present, and (b) the pool was destroyed in 70 CE.35 By far the most plausible conclusion is that this gospel was written before 70 CE. In sum, we believe that a pre-70 date for the Fourth Gospel is the most probable one. Further, we believe that this gospel should be dated late in 65 or even in 66, for the following two reasons: (a) it is doubtful that it should be dated after 66, because otherwise the lack of an Olivet Discourse in which many of the prophecies were at that time coming true, is inexplicable; (b) the gospel should perhaps be dated after Peter's death, as we shall see when we examine the purpose

[From article "The Gospel of John: Introduction, Argument, Outline" By: Daniel B. Wallace]

[Wade through ''John 5:2 and the Date of the Fourth Gospel ... again'' By: Daniel B. Wallace ]

Also strongly recommend "The Untold Story Of The New Testament Church" by Frank Viola in 2004; ISBN 0-7684-2236-1. It has not been downloaded onto the internet and therefore at present is only available in book form

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Conservative Christians believe that John's Gospel was written in the 50s of the first century. Other Christians accept a later date, but generally in the first century - perhaps the 90s.

A better way to answer this Question, is to identify what John's probable sources were, and when these sources were written.

Mark is said to be the earliest gospel. Because of internal evidence, including a reference to the destruction of the Temple, there is a near consensus among biblical scholars that it was written about 70 CE.

Luke was the third gospel to be written and used Mark as its main source. There is good evidence that Luke also relied on the writings of the Jewish military leader and historian, Josephus. This reliance probably includes extracts from Antiquities of the Jews, published in 93 CE, making a date much before 100 CE fairly improbable for Luke's Gospel. Many consider it to have been written in the 90s CE, but early in the second century is also possible.

The Gospel According to St. John appears to have sourced some of its material from Luke's Gospel, so must have been written somewhat later. It was probably written in the first or second decade of the second century. Some say that chapter 21 of John's Gospel may be a later addition and that verses 21:20-24 were added later than the beginning of chapter 21 - although possibly by the same author as the original.

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Q: When was John's gospel written?
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