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A heathen

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2020-03-31 23:18:46
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stephen carr

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2022-09-09 02:23:16
An unbelive in Jesus as God.
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Q: Which of the-following is a term for a person who does not share the religious beliefs of the dominant society?
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Which of the following is a term for a person who does not share the religious beliefs of the dominant society?

A heathen

What is the definition of heathen?

A person who is not part of a widely held (organised) religion. This terminology is used by people in said religions.

Which of these is a term for a person who does not share the beliefs of the dominant religion of a society?

heathen Apex :)

In the 1700s what was the dominant religion in Pennsylvania?

The Religious Society of Friends or Quakers.

Which branch of anthropology studies how religious beliefs affect the development and structure of a society?

religious anthropology

How was Islam different from religious beliefs in Arabia pre-Muhammad?

Islam was fundamentally different from the religions practiced in Pre-Islamic Arab society. The religious beliefs of Pre-Islamic Arab society revolved around polytheism and idol worship. Islam preached monotheism and a set of beliefs which were socially and intellectually very different from the older religious beliefs.

What has its own language religious beliefs and ways of life?

There are many groups that have their own language, religious beliefs, and ways of life. In general these three factors are markers of a society.

What were the Mayans' religious beliefs?

Mayan's religious beliefs were that the gods took care of everything. It was basically a theocratic society. It believed every element of nature belonged to a different god.

In India which aspect of society is influenced by religious beliefs tradition and the division of labor?

Caste System

The dominant social paradigm DSP can best be defined as?

The dominant social paradigm is the notion that society will play an important role in the determination of beliefs and attitudes on social and environmental issues.

Who was the early theorist who proposed religious beliefs were the key to whether or not a society embraced capitalism?

Max webet

What is a dominant narrative?

A dominant narrative is the dominant ideology of a society. Basically, it is what most of a society believes to be true.

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