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He may be adjusting to his new environment. You could try giving him tuna to entice his eating, or just give it time. He also could just not like the food he is being given.

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Q: What if water is warm enough for red eared slider and he is basking but not eating?
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Should you be concerned if your red eared slider is just staying in one place and not eating?

Yes you should be concerned. There should be a basking area with a temp around 90

Is it normal for a red eared slider to constantly be chewing even when not eating?


My red eared slider turtle isn't eating what can i do?

Cheek it water it needs to be warm.

How do i help my red eared slider turtle who has shell rot?

Make sure your uvb light is working or buy a new one if it is older then 9 months. Clean the tank everyday for a while then make sure the basking light is hot enough

How do you teach a red eared slider to follow you?

I dont know it depends on the red eared slider

Can you feed your red eared sliders carrots?

Yes, you can feed your red eared slider carrots. Jut make sure the pieces you are feeding them are small enough and soft enough to eat.

How long can red eared slider live without water?

Red-Eared Slider can stay dry for days to weeks, but they cannot eat without water, I mean enough water to site in while eating as they cannot swallow without the ad of water. If you are transporting the red-Eared being dry is okay, keeping a turtle as a pet dry will be almost considered torture as they will slowly die of starvation and dehydration

Can air freshener kill red eared slider turtles?

no but it will make them very sick if they dont have enough water

When do red eared slider turtles bask?

Red eared slider turtles bask though out the day. There is no specific time that they prefer.

How big do ghost red eared sliders get?

Ghost Red Eared Slider Turtles will get to be the same size as normal Red Eared Slider Turtles, which is 10-12 inches.

Is it safe for your Red eared slider to eat goldfish?

As long as the fish is inspected and found to be free of disease, yes. If you can get the python to eat it!

What is a red eared slider's favorite food?

feed raw chicken or meat due to the risk of bacterial contamination. Also See. How Much Should I Feed My Red Eared Slider? How Should I Give My Red Eared Slider Its Food?