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Preparation of phenols?

phenols can be prepared by the following methods. 1) hydrolysis of cholorobenzene: in this process, chlorobenzene which can be obtained by the cholorinationof benzene, is heated at 350*C under high pressure with aqueous sodium hydroxide to get sodium phenoxide, which… Full Answer

What is polymerisation?

it is the fusing together of monomers and hydrocarbons by using heat.addition to above is the addition of monomer molecules to form bigger particle which is called polymer.the reaction is carried out by heat, and catalyst like potassium per… Full Answer

Why Cumene is insoluble in water?

answer: because the bonds between the molecules are too strong to be broken explanation: that is because there are double bonds between the atoms in the molecules that strengthens the force of attraction between the molecules example: its almost the… Full Answer

What rhymes with shaylene?

If that's your name . . . . green clean screen queen lean lien saline spleen tween glean wean xylene berween plein triune baleen greene lateen preen arene atween carinae cleane etween grene leen lene lieen olein queene shagreen azine… Full Answer