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Why would a 1982 F250 start when it has been sitting for at least 20 min but once it is running if it is shut off you have to let it cool down to start and it is not over heated?

The Starter is worn out, replace the starter and that should fix the problem. Amendment - by PayDayBill Check your choke adjustment. Sometimes the choke might cool down fas ( Full Answer )
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Why does a 2000 Subaru Forester start fine run for 25 minutes stutter badly for 10 minutes then run fine once again?

Answer . \nI have a 2001 Forester. I have learned the Foresters in general have a very sensitive exhaust system. You problem could either be the o2 sensors or the cataly ( Full Answer )
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How many days do you have to run for 10 minutes to lose at least 5 kilos?

There's no telling, it's all down to what and how much you areeating. But 10 minutes is too short to lose any serious weight. Dependingon your weight and pulse rate, you may ( Full Answer )
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How do you download Ben 10 Race against time mp3 theme?

Messzi világ szerkezete landolt egy napon! Csuklójára fonta magát mint eggy karprasztron! Így lett ez a kedves gyerek legyőzhetetlen! Ben 10! ( Full Answer )
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What is once round a running track?

Typical outdoor tracks are 400 meters (440 yards) on the inside lane. Many indoor tracks are 200 meters (220 yards) around, with some as small as 160 meters (176 yards) when s ( Full Answer )
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Did NASCAR once race on dirt at Daytona?

NASCAR itself was founded after the Daytona Speedway was built. Bill France's coterie of auto racers raced on the sands of Daytona Beach before moving to the speedway.
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10 best running backs in the NFL?

1st:A.P 2nd:Chris Johnson 3rd:Arain Foster 4th:Peyton Hills 5th:Rashard Mendenhall 6th:Frank Gore 7th:Chris Ivory 8th:Steven Jackson 9th: Walter Payton 10th:Al ( Full Answer )
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What are the best foods to eat before a running race?

The best foods to eat before a running race are anything that is high in carbohydrates and low in fat. Something like banana, oats, pasta or bread are all good choices.
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What is the least targeted race for racism?

I would have to admit the least targeted race for racism has been those of the European race. Though they have been accepted world wide with open arms they seem to wreck havoc ( Full Answer )
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What state has the least theme parks?

nebraska has no theme park /amusement for children ( it is bull$^# )the city is full of crooked greedy leaders /mayors ect. we have over 20 city funded 18 hole golf courses an ( Full Answer )
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Best way to run the 1600 meter race?

Pace yourself the first lap, speed up a bit faster every lap till you hit the 4th lap then sprint the straight away, I myself got 5:41 as an 8th grader
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Which race is the least smartest?

Blacks. Asians are smartest.. Answer 2:. As I see it, Blacks seem to be the least intelligent race. I'm not racist, but I believe that's a fact. I'm not stating they CAN' ( Full Answer )
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If the first half of a race was run at 5 miles per hour and the second half at 10 miles per hour what is the average speed?

The easiest wau to solve this is to think of a number that both 5 and 10 go into. Say 10. . Suppose each half of the race was 10 miles long. . Then the first half, at 5 mp ( Full Answer )
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What is the least popular race in wow?

From Left to right from least popular to most Alliance: Gnome -> Dwarf -> Night Elf -> Human = Dranei Horde: Troll - > Tauren - > Orc - > Undead -> Blood Elf
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Who is the best running team in madden 10?

I would have to say the jets. For this reason is because they have and O line all over 90 ovr i beleive. I use jets in online play and harldy anyone can stop my run game.
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What the best time for mile run by a 10 year old?

2 minutes 3 and a half seconds Don't know where that came from but the WR for men is about 3.40. The fastest kids 10yo boys in Sydney would run it in about 5.15-5.20, and ( Full Answer )
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How do you run faster in 400m running race?

keep with the pack and open your stride after you reach the backstretchv and sprint right before you see the last 200 meter mark and as you get better you can sprint from furt ( Full Answer )
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How many sailors sail at once in a race?

A sailing race, commonly referred to as a regatta, can be a one-on-one grudge match, on up to whatever limit number the race committee chooses. The top end is usually limited ( Full Answer )
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What is the absolute best laptop to run Sony Vegas pro 10?

As opposed to a specific computer I'll tell you an ideal one would be... - A tower/desktop setting. The resources required to author video are so immense that doing such on a ( Full Answer )

What is the least popular LEGO theme?

the by far least popular lego theme is lego ferrari. in 2004 Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari's famous formula one race cars, and an international reputation for speed ( Full Answer )
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What is the theme of the story Just Once?

The theme of the story "Just Once" is be happy with what you got because if you ask for the perfect life then what you have right now be the better life then the perfect life
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What race of humans is the least evolved?

racist assuming your not a racist just trolling the internet for kicks. your question is asked incorrectly. evolution is not somthing that has a pre defined end result. only ( Full Answer )
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What makes it possible to run two programs at once that require 10 megabytes each on a computer that only has 16 megabytes of RAM?

First, if you are using a computer that uses MB, go spend $100 on a used computer and you'll have something that has at least 1GB. As for your question, the amount of ram ( Full Answer )
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What race sweats the least?

Asians have fewer apocrine sweat glands than other races, which is why scientist believe they tend to be less prone to body odor.