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What tricks did Tony Hawk make?

The 900 spin was his most famous trick, he rotates 2 and a half rotations before landing, he has performed this trick off a house in the past
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What do people do to make a math tricks?

Math tricks can be easily created by using simple mathematical computation and hiding it in a trick.. For example, think of a number between 1 and 25. Now add 5. Multiply by ( Full Answer )
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Who sang you spin my head right round?

I'm pretty sure it was taio cruz and the backup lady singer i dont know! hope it helped! airextream
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How did Nazis trick the Jews into the camps?

The Nazis simply layed a trail of cookie crums so that the Jews would follow and when the Nazis had the Jews in there trap they would lock then gates
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How do you make tricks for soccer?

Step 1: Become a famous/professional soccer player, details... Step 2: Find out how to do something no one else can with a soccer ball Step 3: Make a really cool name for it, ( Full Answer )
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Head does not spin on stihl weedeater?

There's either a steel or flexible shaft inside the tube between the engine and the head. That shaft is broken. Or if it's solid, it rusted inside the head
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How can you trick a mopad to make it faster?

well it all depends on the kind of engine you have, but you can always replace the restrictive stock exhaust with an aftermarket and upgrade the intake
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How do you make a budgie do tricks?

You can't make any animal do something is doesn't want to do.. You can train them using bribery with small pieces of favourite food and by getting them VERY tame.
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What 10 tricks your cat will never do?

10. beg. 9. bow down. 8. fetch the newspaper. 7. bark. 6. play dumb. 5. stay awake on a pillow. 4. wait for permission to eat catnip. 3.stay awake in a patch of sun. 2 ( Full Answer )
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How do you do the spinning levitating card trick?

You must have magicians thread or any other thin material. The best way to make homeade magicians thread is to tear thin strands from panty-hose. Attach one end to your ear an ( Full Answer )
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How do you do tricks on FIFA 10?

Hit the buttons or dont play it at all i will own anyone who wants a 1 v 1 on xbox 360 my gamertag is x RaNdOmS x and i will do quickscope noscopes with anyone
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How do you make your dog spin in nintendog?

To make your dog spin, Place your stylus on your dog's tail and hold the tip of it for a few seconds; it should start spinning around and chasing its tail. Doing so will let y ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a spinning wheel?

draw a circle and divide it in how many colours you want. You then poke a stick through it
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How do you make a magic trick?

Pretty much, it takes a while, but it is easy. First of all you need to have an inspiration for the trick, and a reason to make it possible. Then, after that, you need to lea ( Full Answer )
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What makes a helicopter spin?

It's Fuel and Blades. How helicopters fly and are controlled Helicopters truly are amazing aircraft, and how helicopters fly is what makes them such versatile machines, b ( Full Answer )
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What makes a yo-yo spin?

The friction on the string peaks when it goes down all the way and is about to come back up. The string catches on to the part of the string that's tied around the center thus ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a good magic trick?

Burglers get a deck of cards put all aces on the top then 3 random cards on top of those act as if there is no 3 cards on top of them then say one goes to the basement put the ( Full Answer )
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Why your heads spins after drinking alcohol?

tis happens because you are so drunk you ge dizzy and yo cant really control yourself so once you drink a sip of that alcohol you feel funny you begin to halucinate then your ( Full Answer )
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How does the head chopper trick work?

If you mean the guillotine trick, heres what happens. the guillotine is fixed so that 98% of the time, it wont even scratch. when it hits you, the blade moves to the side. res ( Full Answer )
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Did teena Marie sing my head is in a spin?

No she didn't, it was Kelly Marie in 1980. The song starts off with 'my head is in a spin' but the title is 'Feels Like I'm In Love'
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How did kronos trick camp by bringing back thalia?

Thalia was older than Percy, and the daughter of Zeus. He hoped that she would be the demigod of the prophecy, and that this would allow him to defeat the gods.
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What is the trick for calculating mean. I mean some decent trick to make me do it in my head?

You add the scores together and then divide by the number of scores. So if you rolled a dice and your scores were, 3, 5, 2, and 6 You would add these together, getting 16, ( Full Answer )
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How do you make Google do tricks?

Type "Do a Barrel Roll" in the search bar Type "Tilt" in the search bar Type "Recursion" in the search bar..... search for more on...........GOOGLE!!
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Can a brontosaurus spin his head in a circle?

Sauropods' necks were not as flexible as they are usually portrayed in television. Sauropods could move their neck and head from side to side or somewhat up and down, but they ( Full Answer )
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How can you make your dog do tricks?

some dogs you can use a laser pointer. And my friend taght his dog to do a back flip with a laser pointer.