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APO 10 pill?

A pill with the inscription APO 10 is a Zolpidem tartrate 10 mg.This pill is given by prescription only. The pill is for insomnia.
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Why do we freeze food?

Freezing food preserves it for later use. You can freeze meat,vegetable, fruits, prepared dishes and more. When you're ready touse it, remove it from the freezer, thaw, and he ( Full Answer )
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What food do you freeze?

You can freeze dishes that have been prepared and cooked, or dishes that have been prepared and are ready to cook. You can also freeze most meats, vegetables and fruits. Chees ( Full Answer )
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How do you freeze foods?

Seal the food in an airtight container or with freezer wrap and place it in the freezer. The best temperatures for long-term freezing of foods is between 0 degrees F to -18 de ( Full Answer )
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8months ago i had an eye infection the doctor didn t know what it was i had little bumps on my eyeball i still have blurred vision in my right eye from this infection it might be ekc help me?

Alright, since I was limited in my question which is really irritating. I DO NOT WEAR CONTACTS, MY EYES HAVE BEEN PERFECT EVER SINCE THIS EYE INFECTION. 8months ago I h ( Full Answer )
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Why freeze food?

To save food from going bad. Other options would be to can or dry the food...But freezing it is best on a nutritional level.
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Why didn' t jimmy call Amy in secret life?

Because Amy had brought an condom with her and he said he wasn't ready hes waiting but she didn't know he was that type of guy so when he walked her home she had left her purs ( Full Answer )