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10 phrases what you will find useful in Japan?

1. First and foremost Sumimasen. Sue Me Mah Sen. Translated it means excuse me or sorry. But It is almost the most versatile phrase there is. Japanese use it for excuse me o ( Full Answer )
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How can you find out if someone is scamming us for money?

If someone offers to do a job for you or sell you something you must never ever give them cash or deposit up front. Guaranteed you wont get the item. If you want soeone to do ( Full Answer )
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Is there hidden things in The Little Mermaid?

Yes, there are unsavory touches of Witchcraft and an unsavory negative character is made to appeal charming in disguise- the wedding sequence. a Minister is shown being sexual ( Full Answer )
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Is 10 Euros a lot of money in the US?

Exchange rates change frequently as the value of each country's currency rises or falls based on economic and other conditions. Today, June 6, 2009, the value of 10 Euros i ( Full Answer )
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Are there hidden things in Poptropica?

Yes in time tangled island there's a Viking suit and glasses and on legendary swords there a skull mask
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Hidden things on Poptropica?

if you go to early poptropica you need to go on mainstreet go onto the ledges on the orange and next to the window sill with the flower pot on it click the top left colomn and ( Full Answer )
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How do you find a hidden iPod?

Well if you lost your ipod like i did you just have to trace over your steps and try to find it and you could also look everywhere that you were if this doesn't help I'm pisse ( Full Answer )
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Find me 10 Things beginning with the letter 'S'?

Saddle, saddlebag, sailboat, sailfish, salad, salami, salmon, sandals, sandwich, satchel, saucer, sausage, saw, saxophone, scaffold, scale, scarecrow, scarf, schoolhouse, scis ( Full Answer )
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What are the hidden things on a dollar bill?

There is an Owl on the right side corner and a Spider on the left side. There is also a similarity to a Star of David on top of the eagle the stars make its shape Busting ( Full Answer )
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What are 10 things plants give us?

Plants are used for many things, including oxygen, food, medicine,and clothing. Shelter, oil, gas, wood, building materials, andwater are also things that plants give the worl ( Full Answer )
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List 10 things you would find in an Egyptian tomb?

Crux ansata mummies sarcophagi embalming jars gold jewelry tomb guardians tomb traps sand hieroglyphs pottery statuettes/art sacrificed servants/slaves/wives
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10 thing that humans use plant for?

Food Medecine oxygen Clothing materials (cotton, hemp) Building materials (timber) Packaging materials (cardboard) Heating (fire wood) Smoking Shade Recreation
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What are the hidden things on Club Penguin?

The most common things that are hidden every two weeks is the pin. But the two items that are always hidden all year round are the Rockhopper's Captain's Quarter's key and the ( Full Answer )
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Where are the hidden things on Club Penguin?

On club penguin there's a lot of secrets and free stuff and i suggest going to the coffee shop book room cause you can read the books and at the end there's like a bracelet an ( Full Answer )
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Where is the hidden money in webkinz world?

I'm sorry to tell you there is none at least not anymore if you buy webkinz trading cards you could win some more money of you could just buy another webkinz your welcome
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Is there such thing as the hidden blade on ac2?

Yes there is a hidden blade on assassins creed 2 Leonardo da vinci fixes it for u it was ezio's father hidden blade. later through the game you will getanother hidden blade
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How do you find hidden objects in Poptropica?

Some hidden objects are on the cellphone from Nabooti: . 411- brain in a jar hat . 911- police cap and belt . 1225- Santa hat and sack . 1337- Ned Noodlehead costume An ( Full Answer )
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How do you find hidden puffle toys?

Click on the s in toys and you will find a puffle condo! hope this helped! The puffle condo may be gone by the time you read this you never know but try if you want it!
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What are 10 Japanese things that Americans use?

Katanas (Japanese Longswords), anime, manga, haikus, Japanesemusic, karate, animation styles, art styles, various forms ofsushi, and the Japanese language.
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How do you find the hidden question in Math?

Gloria talked on her cell phone for 320 minutes the first month, 423 minutes the second month, and 489 minutes the third month. Her payment package does not allow her to pay p ( Full Answer )
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Where did the us find the money to go to war?

The US had got money to go to war when other countries involved in the war had demanded weapons from America. There was a high demand rate of weapons wanted for the war and th ( Full Answer )
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How do you find the central angle using money?

you take your number and move it 2 places to the left(making it a decimal), multiply by 360 and after you've found your product move the decimal poitn the amount of places nee ( Full Answer )
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Where are things hidden on Pottermore?

Items were hidden throughout the various moments across all seven books. A bar at the bottom of each moment showed how much progress you had made, if it was full there was not ( Full Answer )
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What are 10 things robots are used for?

Military use. Home cleaning. Helping people. Learning . Guides. Medical use. Entertainment. Labor tasks. Toys. Industrial purposes.
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Did they use money in things fall apart?

Yes, money and barter were both used in things fall apart. The main currency was cowries. Major transactions were carried out in bags of cowries. For example, Akuke's bride-pr ( Full Answer )
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How can one find hidden assets?

Finding hidden assets is really important in divorce cases. Some tips on how to find them are check the tax returns as most spouses or husbands don't lie about tax incomes. Ot ( Full Answer )