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What universities no longer exist?

There are lots of universities that no longer exist in the US. Someinclude Augusta College, Leland College, and Kensington University.
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What are the top 10 team sports in the world?

Number one would proberly have to be Manchester United. Then number 2 would proberly be the Real Madrid closely followed by AC Milan and Barcelona. Then Chelsea at number 5. A ( Full Answer )
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How much longer will the sun exist?

The sun will continue as an average sized yellow star for anotherfour billion years, after which it will gradually swell into a redgiant over the course of about a hundred mil ( Full Answer )
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What sports no longer exist in Australia?

K Ball - Anyone heard of it? Yes. K-Ball was a game that originated in Australia. It was also played in Chandler Arizona for a few years in the late 1980's and early 1990's ( Full Answer )
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What is a job that no longer exists today?

Milkman, we used to get milk delivered to the house every day . (Milkmen still deliver milk in many places!)
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Can a company be sued if it no longer exists?

No, a company can be sued if the company does not exist anymore.The owners of the company may be liable. An attorney can help youdecide the best action to take.
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What sports are no longer in the Olympics and why?

Tug Of War Used To be a Olympic Event but no longer. I don';t know why though.. Also Cricket once, Croquet once, Golf, Jeu de Paume(early form of tennis), Lacrosse, Motor Boa ( Full Answer )
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Olympic sports no longer included?

\nAfter having a "discussion" with my boyfriend who didn't believe me that some sports were no longer included I did some research!\n. \nThe following were played at at leas ( Full Answer )
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Jobs that no longer exist?

As society changes, some jobs become more rare than they used to be, but most do not disappear completely. Today most people drive automobiles rather than horse-drawn carriage ( Full Answer )
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Why does Kurdistan as a state no longer exist?

Due to this being a controversial subject, there are differentpoint of views to the correct answer. Here are two examples ofanswers. . Answer 1 (Turkish/Iraqi/Syrian/Irani ( Full Answer )
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What Elizabethan words no longer exist?

Pick up a copy of William Shakespeare's Plays and start reading - they are written in Elizabethan English. e.g. dastard, betwixt, methought, Tush!, pr'ythee, doth,
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What are some countries that no longer exist?

•Aragon •Austro-Hungarian Empire •Aztec Empire •Belgian Congo •Bohemia •British Honduras •British India •Byzantine Empire ( Full Answer )
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How much longer will the sun exist for?

The Sun will continue to shine (converting hydrogen to helium) for approximately 5 billion years. The Sun will at this point expand into a Red Giant and engulf the Earth befor ( Full Answer )
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The Peace Corps is no longer in existence?

false The Peace Corps is alive, well and thriving. My book "Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers" documents volunteers continuing the legacy s ( Full Answer )
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What jobs no longer exist today?

Jobs of the Past ice delivery man - ice used to be delivered in the old days lamp lighter typewriter repairman court jester

Why do aliens sun no longer exists?

Well, what happened was they didn't like their suns so they moved to ours and now they work for our heat.
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What if plants no longer existed on Earth? we would all perish a fatal death. Plants produce the oxygen that we breathe and we can't live without them.
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What teams won the World Series but no longer exist?

All the teams that won the World Series still exist though many play in different cities now. 1) New York Giants - won the WS in 1905, 1920, 1921, 1933, 1954. The Giants move ( Full Answer )
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Why does Ebbets field no longer exist?

The dogers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angelas after the 1957 season. So there was no need for Ebbets field.
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Why does dinosaurs no longer exist?

because they were on the earth millions of years ago so they are probably no longer alive but some people say that a tortoise is a type of dinosaur :) :)
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Is volcanoes no longer existing or living?

They not only exist, they are forming a new island in the Hawaiian chain, even as we speak. The Yellowstone SuperVolcano may wind up threatening the entire planet.
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How much longer will mars exist?

Mars will continue to exist, just like the Earth, for several more billion years until our sun runs out of fuel and begins to expand. At some point it will destroy the planets ( Full Answer )
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What are the names of 10 professional sports teams in Texas?

FC Dallas(soccer) Dallas Mavericks(basketball) Texans(Football) Dallas Cowboys(football) Texas Rangers (baseball) Dallas Stars (ice Hockey) Houston Rockets(basketb ( Full Answer )
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Which conspiracy theories no longer exist?

In 2005 officials from the CIA finally admitted to the secret base known as Area 51. Now that the conspiracy has been confirmed there is nothing to conspire about.
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What sport teams existed during the civil war?

There weren't any. Many soldiers in the Civil War saw baseball played for the first time, and learned to play themselves. Union General Abner Doubleday is said to have "invent ( Full Answer )
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What is an organism that no longer exists called?

The word "extinct" is used for species thought to have no livingindividuals. Many types of organisms became extinct about 66million years ago at the end of the Mesozoic Age - ( Full Answer )