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Is it better having more than 1 dog at a time?

sometimes it is and sometime it isn't because if you get 2 of the same a male and a male then they both can get into arguments as in dog fights. or if you decide not to intr ( Full Answer )
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Why do dogs make better pets?

It depends what dog is right for you. . I agree-in fact, it depends on your personality. some people would rather have a cat or fish, or whatever. but for some people dog ( Full Answer )
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Is having two dogs better than having one?

It depends... if they fight then no... but if they get along then yes it might be better. EXACTLY.....WAT HE SAID IT THEY KEEP EACH OTHER COMPONY 2 dogs is better then one B ( Full Answer )
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Ways to make your voice better?

to make you voice better like to sing you have to humm for a bit then sing but to make your voice better you have to drink some water not talk for 2 days and then drink water ( Full Answer )
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What are ways of making sex better?

Using sexual toys, intimate settings, glasses of wine, etc. Once, I bought a plastic sheet and laid it across the bed so not to damage the mattress. I then got 2 bottles of ( Full Answer )
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10 ways to be a better student?

Always watch what you say any where you are, so that people can see you as a good role model. . Make sure you always read your books at home and anywhere you go. e.g maybe yo ( Full Answer )
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Do dogs make your lives better?

This is sort of an opinion question, but in many cases they do(depending if your dog is good or bad). Of course they all do. Dogs give unconditional love and companionship. ( Full Answer )
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Do pilgrimage make you a better person?

Making a pilgrimage can make you a better person if you use the opportunity to reflect on your life, your beliefs and your understanding of the nature of the world. Any time y ( Full Answer )
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Is having a religion make you a better person?

No. Religion just confuses people as to the real reasons for having morals. Some people say that without God, there's no reason to try to be a good person. Truly enlightened p ( Full Answer )
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How does studying makes a better person?

Not only does it make you more familiar with the subject, it is also good to fall back on when you are sitting alone at home after graduating and telling yourself you have nev ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a dog feel better?

Well to make your dog feel better, you can walk him/her. Make sure your dog has a healthy diet. Give her/him a walk each day and your dog will love you. He may lick you to sho ( Full Answer )
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Is having 2 dogs better than having 1?

well it depends you will have to train each dog seperatly because all they will want to do is play and it will take alot of time and energy depending on the breed
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If your dog died a few months ago and you just got a puppy and having the puppy here is making you upset about your dog all over again what would you do to feel better?

Well, first of all, you should never get a new puppy when your grieving for another pet. Its not fair for you or the new puppy. There is no way to forget the loss of your dog, ( Full Answer )
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How do you make yourself a better person?

To be a better person ỲǑŲ should be friendly to your friends... ỲǑŲ have to understand them... Never be alone ,,, just because something is wrong ,,,It ( Full Answer )
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What are 10 better ways to say in conclusion?

1. So to wrap up... 2. All of these points, x, y and x, lead us to understand the problem at hand... 3. When we come full circle to our main point... 4. Wow, do you feel ( Full Answer )
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How does respect make you a better person?

respect will make u a better person because people will think of you as the person who give respect so i shall give respect back and i know if someone respect you,you will fee ( Full Answer )
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How can a person make a dog whistle?

Dogs can't whistle... Oh, wait a minute... purchase a "dog whistle" from a pet store, then imitate its' qualities.
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How does karate make you a better person?

Karate builds strength, stamina, agility, along with respect, character, and confidence in ones own ability to succeed
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What are some toppings or ways to make a hot dog taste better?

Some things that are awesome on hotdogs are: grated cheese and fried onions. Tomato or BBQ sauces are also great additions! Make a Chicago style hotdog! Mustard, relish, a d ( Full Answer )
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What are 10 ways dogs help people?

1) Keep Company: Dogs are well-known for being "man's best friend". 2) Hunting: Dogs have helped humans hunt for thousands of years. 3) Guiding Blind People: Many dogs a ( Full Answer )
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Why are dogs better security than a person?

they can bite and their bites are worse than a persons'. they can be very fast at running. and they sometimes can scare people away!
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Does having an affair make you a bad person?

ABSOLUTELY!! It means that you are selfish and cruel, and a cowardto boot!! Have some integrity and tell the truth! Good people don'tlie and cheat! ************************** ( Full Answer )
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How does school make you a better person?

It helps you develop personal values and standards, it helps you gain more knowledge, it helps you to develop social skills, common sense, and critical thinking. It pretty muc ( Full Answer )
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Do sports make you a better person?

They can do. If you have a positive attitude, there are manybenefits. They are good for teamwork, for a sense ofcompetitiveness, for building confidence, for making friends an ( Full Answer )
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In what ways are dogs better than cats?

Dogs will mean you take more exercise as they need to be walked but cats do not. Dogs appear to listen to your every word whereas cats often ignore people.
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Is it better having 2 dogs rather than 1?

I forgot to add this bit on... I have 1 dog and I really want another one however I do not know if it is better to have 1 or 2? On a night my dog is always barking and keepin ( Full Answer )
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How can sports make you a better person?

Sports Is the Main Game For Students In Schools , Colleges.........Sports Improve The Knowledge Of Power to the Students It Keeps Mind Fresh,Relaxation... Students They Purpos ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a better person?

Always be yourself and have faith.Never give up on what you believein. So if you just be who you are, deep in side you make a betterperson.