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Is there a film called carry?

yes, its actually spelled carrie. its a steven king horror, very old school, about a coung girl with telekenesis. havent seen it, but i think its supposed to be one of the classic horror movies.

What types of movies does Netflix provide?

Netflix has all types of movies. Most are old. They have comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, TV show, sitcom, romance, independent films, international, historical, war, and more. They even have inappropriate movies but only by mail. lol.

Can you watch Netflix movies on a cellphone?

No, it is not possible yet. My Uncle has an iphone 4 on Verizon and he is able to watch Netflix movies through his account on his phone. I just watched an episode of the Office on it Sunday.

When will Rio be on Netflix?

Netflix gets movies 1 week after the DVD is released not much point in buying the DVD if you have Netflix I use to work for Netflix I know with these type movies