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How do you cook like a chef?

Watch cooking shows, go to culinary school, work at a restaurant, or become a chef yourself!. If you're a student, take up some cooking part time job. It will help. :)
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What is the best chef knife for cooking?

Basically it's up to you. You can use a knife that's real expensive and does the job better than any other, but it doesn't feel good to you. That can be a minus in your culina ( Full Answer )
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What the difference between a chef and a cook?

A chef is typically the head of the kitchen or a station in the kitchen. Chef is the french word for chief. A cook is some one who cooks on the line. A cook, cooks to live. A ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between a chef and a cook?

Simply put a chef is the person in charge of a kitchen staffed by cooks. The term chef means 'chief' and denotes a position of authority. 'Chef' is essentially a title akin to ( Full Answer )
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Difference between chef and cook?

chef's buy all ingredients and makes sure they have enough food. The cook is only responsible for doing the actual cooking.
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What every IT manager should know about e-discovery?

The key to surviving e-discovery requests is preparation based on knowledge of what is expected, what is considered reasonable, when asked to locate and provide electronically ( Full Answer )
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Where do the best chefs cook?

In kitchens.. Some people would say Japan has the highest density of really top-class restaurants, others would say France, others Italy. London does pretty well. But of cour ( Full Answer )
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At what temperature should you cook a 13 pound turkey?

Although official turkey-type people say you shouldn't use low-temp roasting for turkeys out of concern for food-borne illnesses, I've never had any problems. I think you'll s ( Full Answer )
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How do you hack answers for license to cook?

This is the bestest q.n I have herd yet it's a shame I don't know the answer and if anyone does please discuss cause it's the answer I need as well.
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Earnings for a chef or cook?

varies from min wage to bout 12 quid per hour, depending on where you work and your experience
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Should I date a man who has a 13 year old son he has every other week and he does not want his son to know that he is seeing anyone?

If he is hiding his son from knowing he is seeing you i went through the same thing with my dad a while back it is very hard to hear that your dad is seeing people again but i ( Full Answer )
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I really really really really like this guy but he is 13 and i am 10and his sister is your bff and my see him every day so its really hard for me what should i do HELP I KNOW I like him a lot?

i was is the same position but we were older, for me he wasn't ready for a relationship because his past one ended really bad. so you should go up and talk to him, when your ( Full Answer )
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Does every Mom know how to cook well?

Moms are people. As in any group of people, some will do a given thing well and other will not. Giving birth does not a good cook make.
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What is a cook chefs earnings?

a cook's earning can be any where between RS. 20000 to 1.5 lakhs. a rookie gets RS. 15000 in job training . as the experience increases the pay increases .SKY IS THE LIMIT.
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Should I hack club penguin I know its Bad but well its not illegal is it?

well you can try these on clubpenguin 1.sing a song a game 3.make a video 4.throw snowballs at penguins (PENGUINS WILL REPORT YOU) 5.go to youtube or play a CD wit ( Full Answer )
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How does a blind chef cook?

There are varying levels of blindness. It is a common assumptionthat blindness means no sight at all. e.g. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), Diabetic retinopathy,Catarac ( Full Answer )
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How do chefs use science in their cooking?

how they use science in cooking is like the temperature the chemicals they might use to make it so that's it and also some other things of science they use too. but i told you ( Full Answer )
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What should you do if you are hacked?

You should probably talk to a computers expert or something, they might be able to help. Perhaps you could get help from someone who specializes in fixing hacked computers (ye ( Full Answer )
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Does chef cook in caferteria?

Usually the food is prepackaged and all you need to do is warm it up. Food like pizza, hot meals, like lasagna, and things like that might've been made in a factory then froze ( Full Answer )
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What should every us history student know about the 1920s?

The USA was the richest and most developed country in the world. Mass production, high wages, new consumer goods and forms of entertainment labeled the decade the "Roaring Twe ( Full Answer )
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What should every guy know?

They should know that you always need to complement your girl, NEVER CHEAT, always treat her nicely and LOVE HER!
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What should every directioner know?

A directioner is someone who knows one directions full names, origins, catchphrases, personalities ect... If you really want to be a directioner then you must know the followi ( Full Answer )
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Why should you know the uses of each tool in cooking?

You should know the use of each tool because each tool is speciallymade to perform different tasks in the kitchen. Knowing which toolto use for tasks will not only save you ti ( Full Answer )
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Why is it important to enjoy cooking as a chef?

The job of working in any kitchen is very stressful, has pressureassociated with meeting services times, correctly meeting customerexpectation in design and implementing the m ( Full Answer )