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What food are healthy?

food that have equal amount of all nutrients are good for health. Also you can say vegetable is too~~~
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Are the foods from food production healthy?

Some of the many additives included in processed foods are thoughtto have the ability to compromise the body's structure and functionand are suggested to be related to the dev ( Full Answer )
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What foods are considered as healthy foods and why?

Well, Fruits and vegtables are very healthy , such as apples, bananas, peaches,watermelons, strawberries, cantaloupes, carrots, peas, green beans, brocolli, corn, wheat, peanu ( Full Answer )
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How do you food shop for healthy foods?

1. Look for Organic foods. 2. Stay away from canned and packaged things. 3. Shop in the produce aisle.
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How does a 13 year old get healthy?

by eating 5 fruits a day and try to include vegtables in your dinners. don't do drugs and drink plenty of water of juice. a 13 year old should do 40-60 mins a day of exercis ( Full Answer )
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Why do healthy foods keep you healthy?

Healthy foods contain various minerals and nutrients that help your body to function properly and to the best of it's ability, making your body healthy. For example, many heal ( Full Answer )
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Why is healthy living foods healthy for you?

Well, healthy foods are healthy because they contain nutrients andother vitamins for your body. You also need a certian amount of thenutrients and vitamins to be healthy. And ( Full Answer )
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Who is the best food network chef?

I would think it would be Garry Roads. I vote for eith Elton Brown or Emeral Legasse
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Where can you buy Chefs Blend cat food?

Wherever you can find it! The dolts at Purina discontinued it. My poor cat hasn't taken to any of the dozens of other flavors / manufacturers we've tried. Leave it to some iPo ( Full Answer )
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Which foods are healthy and which are not healthy?

Well most foods are healthy just that some food have a lot of sugar in them. Fruit and Veg are the main healthy food but cakes and chocolate are high in sugar. if fry the food ( Full Answer )
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What makes healthy food healthy?

Healthy food is "nutrient dense". A nutrient dense food has a low ratio of calories to nutrients. For example, a spinach leaf is loaded with nutrients with very few calories. ( Full Answer )
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Can chefs have food allergies?

Yes. If a chef has a food allergy they simply avoid the food they have an allergy to.
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What are healthy foods healthy foods?

Vegetables but particularly dark green vegetables, fruits (but some fruits more than others), quality protein and certain beneficial fats and oils. In addition, organic food i ( Full Answer )
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What is the healthy weight for age 13?

The average weight for a 13 year old is a round 140 pounds. Remember if you are more it could be pure fat but also it could be muscles. It is probably muscles. Well it really ( Full Answer )
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How do healthy foods keep us healthy?

Well, all the vitamins and minerals and nutrients we eat from the food gives it to our bodies to make them stronger, healthier, and happier. :)
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What is healthy food?

there are lots of healthy foods but none are good to eat on there own. You have to eat them as part of a balanced diet. If you look at a food pyramid, carbs make up the bottom ( Full Answer )
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What food make a snack creative?

my names Katie Robinson and im gonna tell ya how to make the best snack ever!: 1. get 2 breads and spread them both with butter 2. then fill it with walkers cheese and oni ( Full Answer )
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What does it mean by non-healthy and healthy food?

Well all foods are OK for you in proportions, but non-healthy food is most often known as ( for example ); foods high in fat, calories, carbs, or oils. Healthy foods; foods t ( Full Answer )
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How do vegan chefs prepare their food?

Vegan chefs prepare food in the same way and manner as non-vegan or regualr chefs do. Instead of incorporating meat, a vegen chef will use other ingredients. Some main differe ( Full Answer )
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What foods are not considered as healthy foods and why?

well, thats a big question considering there a lot of foods that are not considered healthy for many reasons. I can definitely tell you than foods without labels, such as vege ( Full Answer )
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How does healthy food get us healthy?

Health is usually defined by how free we are of disease and howmuch vitality we have in general. Things that are natural arefamiliar to the body and provide the body with the ( Full Answer )
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Can a chef transfer his or her illness into your food?

Yes, a chef could have a contagious disease on his or her hands that could contaminate your food. It is unlikely though because the standards for health regulations at restaur ( Full Answer )
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Why do chefs garnish food?

It adds a professional touch, and makes the food more appealing tothe eye so you are more likely to enjoy the meal.
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What healthy foods aren't healthy?

Your question is a bit of a fallacy, since any truly healthy food is healthy. However, there are clearly many unhealthy foods which are advertised as having health benefits, ( Full Answer )
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Who are the BBC food chefs in the index?

There are a total of sixteen food chefs listed in the BBC food site. Each of the chefs has considerable experience in food preparation and they provide a number of proprietar ( Full Answer )
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What shall you do if you get hacked on FIFA 13?

Contact EA support center and see if they can get some of your items back. Usually it is too late to get anything back though. To avoid getting hacked again, make sure the URL ( Full Answer )
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Are carbohydrates healthy and is it healthy to have in food?

Yes, carbohydrates are healthy and your body needs them. They are aquick source of energy. Foods high in carbohydrates include bread,cake, sugar, potatoes, cereal etc. The pro ( Full Answer )
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What or food are healthy?

the human body needs a vast variety of nutrition, therefore you need to incorporate the different types of food evenly and sufficiently. Too much of one food is not healthy at ( Full Answer )
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What food are treated as healthy food?

Healthy eating means consuming the right quantities of foods fromall food groups in order to lead a healthy life.