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What do men were for cloths in China?

In modern times, the same thing you'd find in America. Jeans and a t-shirt, sweats, etc. Though, there are also regional differences of course. You wouldn't be wearing just a ( Full Answer )
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Why do men wear womens clothes?

Supposedly 5 out of 10 males at some stage will have tried women's clothes and masturbated. For some the have an innate desire to be a woman and for others if they don't have ( Full Answer )
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How do you be manly?

I am a girl myself and i personaly like guys who do hard sports! and can clean up for dinner! good looks and humor is another winner too! i like a football player but he is fu ( Full Answer )
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How do men wear womans clothes?

Just simply put them on. Dress's are better for a man to put on because there is plenty of room for your legs. Also try thongs. Like your girl friends! Then she will want to h ( Full Answer )
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What clothes do Indian men wear?

Do you Mean Indian from India? if so which part and what income class? OR do you mean Native American/Tribal clothing?
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What clothes did men wear in Egypt?

From the earliest times to the time of the New kingdom men of all classes wore a simple kilt made from linen. Wealth was usually displayed by a wig and jewelry.. In the New K ( Full Answer )
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What clothes did Egyptian men wear?

From the earliest times to the time of the New kingdom men of all classes wore a simple kilt called a schenti made from linen and tied at the waist with a belt. Wealth was usu ( Full Answer )
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Why do men dress in womens clothing?

Because mens clothing is so drab and uncomfortable womens cloths have so much more to offer they are prettier snd softer and just feel so much better and a lot more choices an ( Full Answer )
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What clothes do Japanese men wear?

Of course, the type of clothes depends on age groups we're talking about. For middle age to seniors, the type of clothing that they'd wear is similar to the ones we'd find ( Full Answer )
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How do you hack clothes on Club Penguin?

you cant unless... you go to Bing and type in penguin storm the you go onto the one discovered by microchip... click on download penguin storm (zip) you download it then it co ( Full Answer )
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What clothing did the men wear in greece?

Well it depends what time frame your talking about. In the past greek men wore nothing but sorta mini skirt looking things around them to cover their butt. Now a days they wer ( Full Answer )
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What traditional clothing do men wear?

There are many various man that were the same type of clothing as each other. They can wear tuxedos or they can be extremely casual. When you are celebrating a holiday it does ( Full Answer )
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Can you hack to buy clothes on club penguin?

first off you cant really hack to get clothes. as far as i know anyway. but i know ho get the money needed to buy the clothes you want. first you need cheat engine 5.5. look i ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to buy a men clothes?

Yes, just as long as you are absolutely sure of what his style and preferences are.
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What clothing do men wear in Brazil?

night gowns and fuzzy hats they also wear slippers on occasions and any other days high heels. for a shirt they wear bikini tops
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What were the clothes that the Egyptian men wear?

For thousands of years men of all classes wore a simple kilt called a schenti made from linen and tied at the waist with a belt. Wealth was usually displayed by a wig and jewe ( Full Answer )
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What clothes do Portuguese men wear?

They were the same kinds of clothes that most everyone else in the world wears.
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What happens if you do the 15 prestige hack?

Buddy Shut Up. if u hack your a wimp who plays with hacks faker cheap loser. dont do it buddy be a good guy and listen to me! Dont Hack! P.S. Hackers are ______!
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Why do men wear women's clothes?

some Men love females and envy their bodies so much that they wish they could enjoy the feeling of being a girl for a second or two. Female clothing, made for females lets the ( Full Answer )
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What clothes do women and men were in rome?

Men wore the tunic and toga or cloak. Women wore the stolla, which was a long belted dress ad the palla which was a shawl. Men wore the tunic and toga or cloak. Women wore th ( Full Answer )
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Does Michael Kors have clothing for men?

Michael Kors does indeed have clothing for men. His men's line includes tops and shirts, sweaters, jeans and shorts, jackets and outerwear, watches and also cologne.
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Why did hatshepsut dress in mens clothing?

She was the first kingpharaoh because she was strong. She also put is use the trade routeand became the constructor of the 18 th dynasty. Aftertutmoses 11 died, tutmoses 111 ( Full Answer )
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Who Was The pharaoh That Dressed In Mens Clothing?

Just about all the pharaohs dressed in men's clothing as they were men. The three or four women rulers dressed as women, with perhaps the exception of Hatshepsut who at times ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find indie clothing for men? is great if you are looking for non-chain store stuff online. Also they have some pretty cool vintage/retro accessories to complete the look. Good luck wit ( Full Answer )
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Why did hatshepsut wear men clothes?

After tutmoses 11 died, tutmoses 111 was too young to rule. She puton the fake beard and ruled with all his stricken.
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Where can someone purchase mens clothing?

Someone can purchase men's clothing in a variety of places. One can go to a brick and mortar store such as Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, or several other department stores. One an ( Full Answer )
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Is Nautica clothing for men expensive?

Nautica men wear prices vary from 50$ for a polo shirt to 300$ for a men suit jacket, of course one can find cheaper clothing of a similar quality, but one should not forget t ( Full Answer )
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Do Billabong offer clothing for men?

Billabong is a very big business and tries to satisfy everyone in the market. They offer clothing for both men and women, so there is no reason to worry.
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Does Chicos clothing do anything for men?

Chico's offer a wide range of designer and fashionable women's clothing from dresses to trousers. But unfortunately at present, they do not offer men's wear.