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Big Band is a type of what music?

Big Band, or big band music ensemble, is a type of music popularized in the 1920s. It was initially considered a subtype of jazz, although by the 1930's it was also considered a type of swing music. Full Answer

What is pop jazz?

Pop is just what is popular by the general audience. Jazz used to be "pop music" in the 1930's to the 1960's, but these days has lost its popularity and is no longer "pop music" Full Answer

When did the popularity of swing music end?

Swing music was most popular during the mid 1930's to the mid 1940's. Starting in 1942, a recording ban by the union that most jazz musicians belonged to caused swing music to be played less frequently on the radio and… Full Answer

What sort of music do you like?

in the 1930's there was the wireless, (the radio) there was superstars, there was the cinema, the jazz music, Mickey mouse, (for children) and loads of stuff.1960's, there was the TV and that was the biggest hit, nearly everyone has… Full Answer

Why do they call jazz music race music?

"Race music" (race records) is a term applied to gramophone records from the 1920's and 1930's that featured music in a variety of African-American genres such as jazz, boogie-woogie, blues, jump blues, and rhythm and blues.From 1949 to 1958, the… Full Answer