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How do you manage a music artist?

There's a few options when looking to manage a music act/artist... First, you have to ask yourself what commitment you are willing to make for your artist. generally, if you h ( Full Answer )
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How was music made in the 1960's?

by going to a record dealer like jerry lee Louis went to sun records were they would play and get it published.
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How has music changed since 1960?

Well, these here new songs, depict sex and drugs, and sometimes making out with unicorns.
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What types of music were popular in the 1960s?

Pop, Country, Classical, Jazz, Blues very much like todayAnd Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz: Dixieland (in decline) and Progressive Jazz (currently referred to as "bop.") Of course, the ( Full Answer )
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How did they play music in 1960?

There are many ways to have played music in 1960. There were manyinstruments, records, and recording devices to play music on.
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How did music in the 1960s affect society?

Music in the 1960s had a huge impact upon society. The rock musicand pop were unlike any kind of music in history, and it laid thefoundation for today's music.
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What music did people listen to in 1960?

The music people listened to in 1960 was Motown. Some of theartists were Marvin Gaye, Smoky Robinson and the Miracles, theTemptations, and the Supremes.
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Music in 1960's?

The music of the 60 was just wonderful, it is sung today , Elvis , Beatles. today singers will not be remembered after fifty years.
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What was music like in 1960?

I would say it was more laid back and easy listening then the hits now. It was more about love and less about straight forward sexual imaging.
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What was music like in the 1960s?

In the 1960's, they had classical rock and more. Some bands included The Beatles, The Monkees, Jimi Hendrix and The Mamas and the Papas. If you search for them on youtube yo ( Full Answer )
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What was distinctive about the music of the beatles in the 1960s?

It was intelligent, creative, innovative, and the style became more sophisticated as the Beatles were able to use state of the art technology and develop musically. They used ( Full Answer )
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What kind of music was there in the 1960s?

Music in the 1960s . The rock 'n' roll craze of the 1950s and 60s was changing the way young people entertained themselves. Teenagers clad in the latest fashions would ga ( Full Answer )
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How do music artist record music?

There are many different ways that artists and musicians can record their music. Most signed or popular artists prefer to use a professional recording studio. Professional stu ( Full Answer )
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What did people listen to music on in the 1960s?

The most popular ways of listening to music in the 60's was by playing vinyl 45 and 33 records on a record player or a reel to reel tape recorder
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How important was music in the 1960s?

very important, this is when Motown and folk rock music developed, also the british invasion, which influenced on the youth and counterculture.
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Who are the NC music artist?

Who are the NC music artist? 1- Petey Pablo 2- Little Brother 3-(Tha Venomous) G 4- Fantasia 5- Mica Swain 6- Chris Daughtry 7- Anthony Hamilton 8- Shelly B ( Full Answer )
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How music artist record music?

They rent a studio out and start recording singing and instrumentals. Usually artists will write their music at home or maybe studio. It's a big editing and looping process.
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Who are the music artists in twilight?

Supermassive Black Whole-Muse Decode-Paramore Full Moon-The Black Ghosts Leave Out All The Rest-Linkin Park Spot light(Twilight Mix)-Mutemath Go All The Way(Into the Twilight ( Full Answer )
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How is 1960s music different from now music?

In the 1960s, people actually became musicians because they were talented and wanted to share that with the world. They created quality songs that had meaning. Now, people pre ( Full Answer )
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What were music of the 1960?

The Beatles The Guess Who Neil Diamond Stevie Wonder Pink Floyd Simon & Garfunkel Johnny Cash Led Zepplin Elvis Presley Jimi Hendrix Bob DYlan The Rolling Stones Hope this he ( Full Answer )
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Who is the musical artist pink sheep music?

Pink Sheep,the openly gay rock musicians from Springfield ,Illinois area and is on their rever nation(62568)local chart for Taylor-ville ? Brett Alan Basil. Basil is acco ( Full Answer )
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What were the names of some 1960's artists?

hi I'm done a projecta project on the 1960's and i found it hard to find some a rtists of that particular decade so just to help a n yone in the future who is going through ( Full Answer )
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How can music artists create music?

Most musicians create their music from an idea or an experience, such as a dream or real-life.
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Why was music a big thing in 1960?

In the 1960, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendricks made music what music was.
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What was music like in 1960's?

Fresher and less manufactured for mass listening. More original as 'rock' was still a 'new' art form and there was plenty of space for new chord progressions etc.. these days ( Full Answer )
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What artists music was referred to the devils music?

Through the centuries, many genres of music have been labeled "the devil's music", and many musicians have been accused of making "the devil's music". This label is usually ca ( Full Answer )
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Who is the best recording artist of the 1960's?

Of course this depends entirely on your opinion but few would disagree when i say The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, and The Who.
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Who were some popular artists in the 1960s?

The Beatles, the Rollng Stones, Steppenwolf, the Ventures, JohnnyCash, Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, Bob Dylan, and manymore
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What musical trios were popular in the 1960s?

Some of the popular trios of the 1960s were: . Cream . Crosby, Stills and Nash . Kingston Trio . Peter, Paul and Mary . Bee Gees . Weavers . Supremes