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How much money can you make from tips?

depends on the restaurant, I have worked at some that you bring home 50 a night and some that bring home 200 a night. More expensive the restaurant more tips you make.
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How much does a cleaning lady make?

That would depend on how pretty she is and if she is willing to do extras for the home owner.
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Tips to make a barangay clean and peaceful?

we should be a concerned citizen. we should exert efforts in making our barangay at peace and clean all the time. Our health is very important.
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Does modern technology make life more convenient or was life better when technology was simpler?

In my opion it goes both ways. Technology does make life more convenient because if you ever need to look something up really quick you don't have to go all the way to the lib ( Full Answer )
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How much do waiters make in tips a day?

I have waited tables for 5 years, all fine dining. Tips vary day to day, in a fine dining restaurant with a nice wine menu, a server should be able to pull $100 easy. Highs ra ( Full Answer )
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How much tri tip do you need to serve barbecue for 20 people?

You usually buy 6oz of meat per person. Note that you will get about 40-50% shrinkage with Boston butts and brisket. Not too sure about tri-tip shrinkage as I don't cook that ( Full Answer )
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How much in tips do waitresses make at waffle house?

I work at the waffle house in Virginia I make any where between 8 dollars to 100 dollars a night in tips depending on the day the time and the amount of customers
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How much money should you tip the cleaning lady for Christmas?

Gratuities (tips) are 15% of the total you pay that person in a month. Example: If the cleaning lady comes twice a week at $25 each time she comes then you would pay her $30, ( Full Answer )
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Some tips on how to get an older and much more successful woman?

The more familiar historical pattern is that women are in search of older successful men, who will support them in the manner to which they would like to become accustomed. Bu ( Full Answer )
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What is an appropriate tip for house cleaning?

An important factor in house keeping is to have a place to be ableto put everything away. Any household chore is more tiresome whenyou have 'stuff' everywhere. So the first st ( Full Answer )
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Is decomposition the process of making a more complex compound from simpler substances?

A chemical compound is a pure chemical substance consisting of two or more different chemical elements that can be separated into simpler substances by chemical reactions. C ( Full Answer )
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How do you make your cum much more?

Drink plenty of fluids and increasing the amount of time between ejaculations will do it.
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What are some tips for cleaning rooms?

1. Play music to help you get motivated and clean 2. Try to do one thing at a time so you're not going all over the place 3. don't save it for the last minute 4. start at 1 ( Full Answer )
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Why did Egyptians make hieroglyphs simpler?

They never did make hieroglyphs simpler - in fact during the Late period, hieroglyphs became more complex and difficult. Continuing the traditional form of writing over 3,000 ( Full Answer )
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How do pulleys in cranes make work simpler?

A pulley halves the force required to lift a load, but doubles the length of rope or cable. So if you had a 10lb. weight attached to a rope, and were pulling the rope upward, ( Full Answer )
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Do you have any cleaning tips?

hot water and soap. hot water kills germs and soap. and you can wipe the surface with a towel that was dipped in hot water with a TINY bit of bleach. let the surface disinfect ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a fraction simpler?

You can make a fraction simpler by finding a number that is divisible by both numerator and denominator. For Example: 4/12 both 4 and 12 are divisible by 4 so, 4/12 ÷ ( Full Answer )
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What are tips and hints to make more money?

There are a wide variety of useful tips and hints one can employ to make more money. For example, hard work is a necessity. Additionally, it is important to be assertive and d ( Full Answer )
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What are some tips for cleaning leather?

Some tips for cleaning leather include using a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol to remove stains, applying lemon juice in small areas to remove tough spotting, and using a micro ( Full Answer )
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What are some tips to clean out your colon?

Go to a qualified medical practitioner for advice. Do not attempt any procedure to clean out your colon yourself before consulting with somebody professional who can advise yo ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find more information about carpet cleaning tips?

You can Google different articles or simply read the directions on the box of the product. I know YouTube has awesome tutorials that could help guide and show you new techniq ( Full Answer )
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How do you make more tips?

First, it helps if you work at a high-volume restaurant or bar thatis very busy. You could also try to make sure that you arescheduled to work during the busiest shifts (say, ( Full Answer )
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How can I make bathroom cleaning more effective for my home Any tips?

Healthy bathrooms can lead to healthy lifestyle and there is a lotthat you can do if you know how to keep a bathroom clean andhealthy. The most important tips being cleaning o ( Full Answer )