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What is the meaning of if the shoe fits wear it?

If it applies, take it to heart. Imagine this dialogue: Jack: "Nobody likes someone who rats on other people." Sue: "Are you calling me a tattletale?" Jack: "If the shoe fits ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your pants dont fit and its your only pair?

if you have only one pair and can aford to get some new ones, take a pair of scizzors and cut a slit in the waist area on the sides, it creates a looser feeling and you should ( Full Answer )
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How do Betsey Johnson shoes fit?

In general, popular opinion seems to be that Betsey Johnson shoeshave a small fit. It is recommended that you order one size up whenpurchasing this brand.
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What happens if you dont sign the ticket?

This happened to me.. You will be handcuffed, arrested and booked. It is a misdemeanor. Just sign the ticket!
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How many pineapples can fit in a shoe?

None unless your a giant or the pineapples are REALLY SMALL!!! Look up "Who is Danielle cravero?" I'M SOOOOO FLIIPPING FAMOUS!!!!!!
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How do you get fitted for point shoes?

There are a bunch of sizes by width and length so you'll have pointe shoes that are made for you! Well first off you will have to have a good enough arch to actually go up on ( Full Answer )
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How do you know if your pointe shoes fit?

Your pointe shoes will fit properly, if, en-pointe you can pinch the fabric on your heel. If you can pinch the fabric too easily, they are too big. If you are having difficult ( Full Answer )
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If the shoe fits what am I?

Well let's make this question HOW DO YOU MAKE SMALL SHOES FIT? first you fill up two(2) plastic zip up baggies half way then insert them with an OPEN TOE SHOE then put them in ( Full Answer )
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How does soccer shoe fit?

Shoes should fit snug but not tight with heavy socks and somewhat loose with thin socks. If there is room at toes, use cotton balls to prevent movement and blisters.
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If the shoe fits its ugly?

If the shoe fits, but it's ugly, you could still wear it. This is agood idea because it will help you bowl better if you're wearingthe right sized shoes.
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If you dont have cheerleading shoes what shoes should you wear to a tryout?

If you don't own any cheerleading shoes, usually any shoe store that sells Nike or Adidas has them!(: But, if you can't get cheer shoes by tryout time, try a white tennis shoe ( Full Answer )
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Where can you learn how to fit pointe shoes?

It's not someplace you can go or read about online, though online would certainly offer lots of tips. The best advice you can be given is to go talk to the professionals in ( Full Answer )
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How many pigeons can you fit in a shoe?

ahahah! that's an awesome question! but i think like 1 or 2 if u try really hard and ull end up killing them anyway. :)
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5 signs of physically fit person?

To be physically fit you have to be able to move your body in all functions with little or no difficulty. You should be able to bench press your own body weight, deadlift two ( Full Answer )
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What are some sports that you dont have to wear shoes in?

Well, there is swimming, gymnastics, if you are just messing around you can play football, basketball,tennis, etc. Pretty much any sport you can think of you don't have to wea ( Full Answer )
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What if you dont sign a birth certificate?

If the parents were married when the child was conceived/born, paternity is assumed. Also, the other parent and/or the State may decide to file a motion in court to determine ( Full Answer )
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How do you fit in with people you dont know?

You can fit in with new people when you learn more about them. Don't try to impress them. Pay attention to what they talk about. People always like people who actually listen ( Full Answer )
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How do you make big shoes fit?

if you are girl then use thick socks for the winter and they will fit and then wear flares. If you are a guy then thick socks will work.
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Is quick fit just a fitness company?

Quick Fit is a fitness company, it is based on the fact that not everyone has time to put in a full work out each day. Quick Fit's perk is that you can work out in as little a ( Full Answer )
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What shoes fit liv doll?

well liv doll shoes of course but you probaly already know that. but stardoll shoes you know that game star doll well barbie made a doll with acsesorie packs and they come wit ( Full Answer )
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How does bowling shoes fit?

Because you want a more snug fit with bowling shoes, the common practice is to try a half size smaller shoe than you normally wear as street shoes.
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What does if the shoe fits expression mean?

The expression "If the shoe fits" means that if something suits a person then the person should "wear the shoe that fits" and accept that it suits them and works for them.