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What does shoe size 7 mean in German shoe size?

Shoes in the European sizing chart are not gender based. However,the US employs a M/F sizing, a mens size 7 is a 39 EU and a women's7 is a 37.5EU.,
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What American shoe size is a british shoe size 7?

There is more than one possibility, depending upon whether you are seeking the size for a man, woman, or youth (boy's & girl's measurements are the same): British men's siz ( Full Answer )
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Which positions are involved in a 7 on 7 football drill?

7 on 7 drills include the 7 offensive players against 7 defensive players. There are no linemen in these drills. The positions included are as follows: offense: QB RB 1-4 W ( Full Answer )
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What are idioms for?

Idioms are used for another way of saying things, in a more, creative way. As an example, if you were to say "That test was easy." You could have said it "That test was a pi ( Full Answer )
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What is irony behind the incident involving Elie's shoes?

What is ironic about Elie's shoes is that Elie was offered a second ration from a boy who only wanted Elie's shoes but Elie wouldn't give them to the boy because Elie thought ( Full Answer )
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If you wear a 7 in women shoes what do you wear in men shoes?

The Japanese shoe sizes are measured in Centimetres, and according to a size conversion chart a UK size 7 is 25.5 cm which is the same for both men and women. Okay well i ( Full Answer )
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What is a women's size 7 shoe in boys?

It is a size 5 in men's sizing. There may be additional variationfor width, depending on the brand.
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If you wear a women's size 7 in shoes what size would you wear in pointe shoes?

Hi, It is impossible to gauge what size you would be in pointe shoes. Some shoes are made big and some are made small. There are also other factors in the fitting of pointe sh ( Full Answer )
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What europeon shoe size is UK shoe size 7?

A woman's 7 is usually equal to a European 40, while a man's 7 would be a European 41. This varies according to manufacturer.
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What shoe size is bigger youth 7 or men 7?

Men's Size US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes Inches CM . 6. 39. 5.5. 9.25". 23.5. 6.5. 39. 6. 9.5". 24.1. 7. 40. 6.5. 9.625". 24.4. 7.5. 40-41. 7. 9.75". ( Full Answer )
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How do you do a idiom?

1. "Idiom" begins with a vowel, so you use the word "AN" in front of it.. 2. You cannot "do" one because it is a noun and not a verb.. The question is unclear. Please rephra ( Full Answer )
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Where can men's size 7 shoes be bought?

Men's size 7 shoes could be purchased at your nearest department store, shoe outlet, factory outlet, etc. If there are no shops around you the best place you could look is onl ( Full Answer )