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What are some kinds of mold?

Here are some types of mold. Household molds : The most common is cladosporium , which is also called black mold. There are many kinds of cladosporium even though they all ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of mold?

Mold has several definitions and how you use it will determine thedefinition. . In biology, a mold is a type of multicellular fungus. Moldsproduce spores as means of reprodu ( Full Answer )
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Are there different kinds of mold?

Yes, there are many different types of moulds. They aregenerally divided into . Allergenic moulds, which may cause allergic reactions in peoplewho are susceptible to them . ( Full Answer )
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What kind of bread doesn't mold?

actually pita bread doesn't mold Sourdough bread's mild level of acidity will discourage the growthof most mold species. We leave my sourdough loaves out of therefrigerator ( Full Answer )
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What kind of mold grows on strawberries?

The kind of mold that grows on strawberries is gray mold. Mold iscaused by moisture on the fruit and it appears as a gray-whitefuzz.
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What kind of organism is mold?

Fruit mould is a fungus called Penicillium from which is made penicillin. Bread mould is a fungus Mucor and a slime mould is probably a different, more obscure type of fun ( Full Answer )
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What kind of animals eat mold?

There are many kinds of animals that can eat mold. In particular,slugs are known for living on mold. Additionally, nearly thirtyvarieties of monkey eat mold, as do some birds ( Full Answer )
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Is mold a kind of mold?

Yes, mold is a kind of mold. They are some members of a group mycology according to taxonomy.
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Why are mothers kind?

Well, actually some mothers aren't kind even though it is theirduty to be kind to children. But, some mothers spoil their childrenhowever that piece of information does not me ( Full Answer )
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Definition for mold fossil?

Its a Noun, and here is the definition: A fossil formed when an animal, plant, or other organism dies and is covered by sediment, it flesh decays and bones deteriorate due t ( Full Answer )
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If one tortilla has mold do they all?

Not necessarily, but I would throw out all of them- just because they don't have mold doesn't mean they are healthy.
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What kind of mold is yellow and powdery?

The type of mold your dealing with is called Slime mold. When Slime Molds dry,they form unslightly bluish-gray, gray, black, white, or yellow powdery structures.Whenyou crush ( Full Answer )
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What kind of molds grow on mold?

Some special species of molds can grow on other models. These are consuming the energy from the other models.
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How can one remove mold from clothing?

To remove mould from clothing you can try to soak the garments in vinegar (diluted acetic acid) for a few hours then wash them normally.
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What kind of mold grow on bread?

any kind of mold i don't think that there is just one type of mold so each bread probley has a different kind
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What kind of cheese grows the most mold?

It all depends on how much surface area the cheese has. Mold grows in colonies and needs a large surface area in order to grow larger. Blue cheese however is basically mold. T ( Full Answer )
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What kinds of molds grow on meat?

disgusting, yucky ,slimy ,dreadful ,smelly ,revolting, mold can go on to meat if it has not been eaten for years!
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What is the definition of the word mold an cast?

A mold is a form into which molten metal is poured. When the metal hardens, it takes the shape of the mold. This process is called casting.
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Where can one look to have their shrubs molded?

It is best to look in the yellow pages, as this will have local people and businesses that can provide these services. Look for a reputable and trusting landscaping business.
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What does one do with a jelly mold?

Jelly mold is typically used by an individual who bakes. It is a type of mold for forming jelly into various ornamental shapes. It is a creative outlet that bakers use to add ( Full Answer )
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What kind of different shapes are soap molds?

Soap making molds come in a somewhat overwhelming amount of styles, shapes and sizes. There are seemingly endless possibilities of how the finished product can look.
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Where can one purchase pancake molds?

One can purchase pancake molds in many different places. You can get them at Target, Williams-Sonoma, Amazon, Bed Bath, and Beyond, or any store that specialized in cooking s ( Full Answer )
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Where can one shop for plastic molds?

Pre-made plastic molds can be found at some toy, craft, and hobby shops. To make a custom plastic mold, one can contact plastics companies such as All Plastics or United Moldi ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy candy molds?

Candy molds, along with candy making supplies, can be purchased online, and at stores such as Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics. These materials can also be purchased at Bed, Bath, ( Full Answer )
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How can one make a silicone mold?

Tape up all the cracks on a cardboard box, and use that as an enclosure for the mold. If you intend to make a one-sided mold, simply mix the silicone, pour it into the box, a ( Full Answer )
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How does one remove mold from a basement?

Use a fiber optics inspection device , a hidden moisture meter , and internal wall and ceiling cavity mold testing to search for hidden mold growth .
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Where can one purchase silicone molds?

One can purchase silicone molds from many stores. Stores that sell silicone molds include: Macy's, Kmart, Kitchen Crafts, and Sears. They can either be purchased in-store or o ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition for 7?

7 is an odd number and it is also a prime number because it has only two factors which are itself and one.
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What is a definition of kind?

Kind can be an adjective meaning considerate, gentle andsupportive. e.g. "The kind nurse helped the sick man to recover." Kind can also be a noun. In this use, kind means type ( Full Answer )