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How could genetic modification be the answer to the world food crisis?

Answer . some people think forced sterilization will solve the overpopulation issues but china had had the one child per family rule a long time and they still are the mos ( Full Answer )
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How do you do around the world?

hold da the ball on ya foot then flick into the air about up to your knees then take your foot around the ball as fast as u can the touch or catch the ball again ( try doing t ( Full Answer )
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Do people that don't have body modifications feel like outcast?

Only if aggressive marketing and peer pressure makes them feel that way, and if it does they need to consider who and what is making their self-esteem go down.. Take notice o ( Full Answer )
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Where did body modification start?

There is no specific person to started it all, 'cause Body Modifications have been going on for hundreds maybe even thousands of years, Tribes all around the world have been d ( Full Answer )
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What is a modification?

A modification is a small alteration, adjustment, or limitation ofan object. It can also mean changes in an organism whether due tothe environment or activity that is not gene ( Full Answer )
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What is the most dangerous body modification?

Well, Everyone has their own opinion since body modification is always getting more developed but I'd say the tongue split or saline injections are the most dangerous.
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What happens to the body in extremely cold temperatue?

It will start to freeze and get numb, if it continues to stay in cold temperatures it would get nerve damge in various places. You'll get frost bite and might have to amputate ( Full Answer )
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What to do about extreme body odor?

Actually perspiration itself is odorless. But when it comes in contact with bacteria it gives out a horrible smell. Body odor is an embarrassing situation. To avoid this situa ( Full Answer )
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What happens to your body in extreme cold?

Your body will start to shut down in extremely cold temperatures.You may get frostbite and lose feeling and circulation in your armsand legs.
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Where are the 8 h in extreme challenger i spy?

Hint 1 : 3 are on blocks, 1 on a dice Hint 2 : 3 of them are laughing, which isn't very nice Hint 3 : the last one is found on someone standing in line
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What can extreme coldest do to the body?

Extreme coldness can cause frostbite in which your body's limbs begin to die in order to support your core. It can also cause death and a short period of extreme heat to your ( Full Answer )
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Discuss the appeal of body art and body modification of people in the past and present?

This is my opinion (mind you I'm just 13 and I haven't got tattoos or body art or anything). I haven't got any definite opinion, but then the question is just to discuss, so I ( Full Answer )
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What modifications can be done to make a Mazda RX-8 start in the winter?

What causes the car not to start in winter usually is that you can not crank it then shut if off immediatly. This car has a rotory motor. In the winter the ecm tells it to s ( Full Answer )
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Are there any fun virtual worlds for kids around 8?

A Fun Virtual World For Kids 8 and Up Is Fantage Play Games Buy Clothes And Boards But, You Have To be A Member For The Most Stuff :(. You Can Buy Cards Or Purchase Membership ( Full Answer )
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How does extreme cold effect the body?

it effects the body because our normal body temperatures are 37 degrees, if it is extremly cold it can stop the blood circulation running smoothly, like pins and needles if yo ( Full Answer )
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Is Extreme World still open?

The park was re-opened after the accident for a month and then shut down due to foreclosure. It was sold at a sheriffs auction after the accident and the new owner has done no ( Full Answer )
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What are the bones in the lower extremities of the body?

Pelvic girdle: ischium, ilium and pubis. Femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone) and fibula, both of which are in the leg. Patella (knee cap) is a border line member. Then the t ( Full Answer )
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What are the 8 main religions around the world?

Christianity. Islam. Hinduism. Buddhism. Folk religions. Chinese folk religions (including Taoism and Confucianism). Shinto. Sikhism. Judaism.
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What services does Body Modification Ezine provide?

Body modification Ezine offers services such as tattoos, piercings, scarification, implants and extreme modifications. Along with these services they provide you with all the ( Full Answer )
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What type of body modifications are possible?

There are many body modifications available now with the advert of modern surgery. Extreme modifications like skin implants to create horns or ridges in the skin, to the less ( Full Answer )