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How does a kid make a restaurant in her kitchen?

What I would do is first, make a menu and an ordering sheet. To do that, you have to first know what your cook would like to make... so, if that is going to be your mom or dad ( Full Answer )
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Shold smoking be banned in restaurants?

Smoking should definitely be banned in restaurants all over theworld. This is because smoking harms the non smokers and kids.
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Why is smoking banned in restaurants?

Because people don't want to be exposed to second-hand smoke. Also, smelling other people's smoke isn't very appetizing when you're trying to eat.
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What are jobs for kids 8 to 10?

Make a lemonade stand. Sell everything for free but ,get a huge tip jar and, make the adults see it. You can sell anything you want! You can give advice to people. Like that g ( Full Answer )
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Ban TV for kids?

The idea appears to have some merit. a huge spike in juvenile crime, particularily violent crime and also illiteracy can be in some very real degree tied to TV. Likewise certa ( Full Answer )
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Computer boon or ban for kids?

Both, in my opinion. They can be used to help kids learn, but many kids choose to use them to cheat on homework and play games that aren't very morally good for them to be pla ( Full Answer )
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Are you crazy you want 8 kids?

Only if you have no means of looking after them during their growing years. You will need a good job that pays well.
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Can kids under 8 get pregnant?

Easy answer: no. Absolutely not.\n. \nUNLESS the kid is one of the few (and I'm talking an extreme rarity, here) who go through menses that early. No menses, no possibility ( Full Answer )
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If you have a kid that is 8 and having a baby what do you do?

Get them to a doctor. Regardless of if you believe in abortion or not... they need to see a doctor as soon as possible for the best healthy outcome for the mom... if not the b ( Full Answer )
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When do you get 8 emploeyes on restaurant city?

hi its Tommy boi with your answers to playfish games... restaurant city: you will get 8 employees at level 17 to get to level 17 you will need a total of 46,000 gourmat po ( Full Answer )
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Is there a Diary of a Wimpy Kid 8?

As of 2012, Jeff Kinney is writing the 7th book which is called the third wheel. If Jeff Kinney were going to make an 8th book (he probably will) it will be released in Late 2 ( Full Answer )
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Should kids be banned from sports and clubs for failing grades?

No if that's what there good at they should be able to play. Glucose is utilized more effectively in the brain by children that are active in sports, helping them to burn off ( Full Answer )
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Should Moblile Phones be banned for kids?

It depends on age. A young kid shouldn't have a phone becausechildren under 10 are a little too young to walk around withsmartphones. Older kids should not be banned from phon ( Full Answer )
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Should kids be banned from malls?

No, young kids find the mall entertaining and some teenagers liketo socialize with their friends there. Banning kids from mallswould be treating them like pests.
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Can kids get phone at age 8?

No they are too young and irresponsible maybe if the kid is mature but i highly doubt it
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Can you get section 8 without kids?

Yes, but you must understand that there is a prioritizing of the list; this means that people with children are moved above those without.
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Is Pokemon for kids 8-10?

it depends what aspect you mean. the TV show, yes. the card game mostly, but older people play too The games, are fun for eight year olds, but seem to become more in depth th ( Full Answer )
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Should homework be banned for kids to relax?

No, homework is an intergral part of the learning experience. Itshould not be banned, but here is a tip: Pay close attention inclass and ask questions if there is something yo ( Full Answer )
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Do they have kids menus in fine dining restaurants?

Yes. They do. And even if they don't actually use the term Kid'sMenu, fine dining restaurants serve food that can be eaten by kids.So no need to worry about that. Blue Butcher ( Full Answer )
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Why fast food restaurants should not be banned?

We have what is known as a free market economy. People get to make their own choices about what they want to either buy or sell. If you don't like fast food, no one is forcing ( Full Answer )
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Are there websites for kids age 8?

Kid at the age of 8 should have a parent with them when they are on the computer or should only go to very safe websites such as Fantage,club penguin,and millsberry.No email o ( Full Answer )
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Is 8 kids a lot to be having?

Whether or not 8 kids is a lot to have is subjective. Families with 8 children would normally be considered large. If you can support 8 kids financially, emotionally, etc., it ( Full Answer )
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Should facebook be banned for kids?

No. ___________________________ I don't think kids under 13 should use Facebook because of childpredators, but teenagers 13+, no.
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What are jobs for kids 8 to ten?

There are only little jobs for kids 8 to 10. Such as, doing your chores or shoveling a neighbors driveway. But to get an actual job like packing groceries at King Soopers requ ( Full Answer )
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Should The Government Ban Fast Food Restaurants?

No... it's the people's choice where they eat and what they eat... although the government should put up more regulations about that sort of thing and educate more people and ( Full Answer )
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Why do kids want homework banned?

Everybody would love to play all the time and not have to work.School is your job, and just like your parents have to go to a jobevery day, you have to do schoolwork even if i ( Full Answer )
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Where is the restaurant The 8 located?

Number 8 Restaurant & Wine Bar is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is a Crown restaurant and serves lunch and dinner daily. They have an extensive wine list consisting of 8 ( Full Answer )